Emmerdale's Belle is looking angry, and in a bubble, Chas is looking serious

Belle suspects Chas in Emmerdale affair drama after Chloe’s discovery

Chas can't fool Belle

In Emmerdale spoilers, Belle finds out that Chloe has found proof that Al was having an affair with someone.

As Belle notices Chas acting suspiciously, she starts questioning whether Chas really ended things with Al.

Will Belle finally expose Chas and Al’s affair in Emmerdale spoilers?

Emmerdale Belle looking concerned
Belle has kept quiet so far (Credit: ITV)

Belle knows about the affair

Viewers will know that Belle knows about Chas and Al’s affair.

At a work conference, Belle spotted the couple together at the hotel.

She then discovered Chas cheating on Paddy.

Confronted, Chas promised Belle that she would end things with Al.

She explained that she wasn’t thinking, using Al as a distraction from Faith’s cancer.

Belle kept quiet about what she saw, giving Chas the benefit of the doubt.

However, a couple of weeks ago, Belle started to become suspicious that Chas hadn’t stuck to her word and was still seeing Al.

When Al died, Belle confronted Chas about it, but she told her that her accusations were ridiculous.

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Could Belle finally expose Chas? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Belle questions Chas

Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Belle starts to become suspicious again that Chas was continuing to see Al.

Charity tells Belle about Chloe’s accusations and how she thinks that Al was having an affair.

Chloe has found proof that Al was seeing another woman after realising that Al had bought a house for his partner and their child.

At first, Chloe accused Priya before moving her attention towards Moira.

However, Belle has another suspect in mind – Chas.

Belle speaks to Chas and brings up her cheating on Paddy, having seen her with Al before.

Chas becomes guarded and starts making Belle suspicious.

With Belle asking questions, Chas stresses her innocence, promising that she ended things ages ago.

But, does Belle believe Chas’ lies?

Will Belle expose her affair?

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Emmerdale - Belle Catches Chas and Al Together

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