Belle looking at her phone on Emmerdale, shocked. Inset, Tom looks angry (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Emmerdale spoilers: Belle realises the extent to which Tom is controlling her and goes for an abortion

Belle learns the truth at last

Our Emmerdale spoilers reveal that, as she grows increasingly aware of Tom’s abusive tendencies, Belle discovers the extent to which he has been controlling her every move. Panicking for her future, she decides to go for an abortion.

But can she manage to go through with the procedure without Tom finding out?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Belle looks terrified as she uses her phone in Emmerdale
Belle is horrified to find evidence of Tom’s snooping (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Belle discovers what Tom has been up to

Worried about her future, Belle opens up to the midwife and admits that she wants a termination. Booking an appointment for a scan, Belle feels devastated that it has come to this.

Later, as Tom returns home, Belle quickly hangs up a call with a taxi firm. As Tom compliments her makeup, Belle strategically asks him to take a photo.

In doing so, she takes note of his phone pin. When Tom goes upstairs, she unlocks his phone and looks for the banking app so that she may pay for the taxi.

She’s shocked to see how closely Tom has been tracking her movements as she sees the apps he’s been watching her on.

What will she do next?

The doctor at the clinic smiles at worried Belle Dingle
Conflicted Belle knows she can’t go ahead with the pregnancy (Credit: ITV)

Belle makes a bid for freedom

Desperately trying to escape the house, Belle feels trapped when she fails to convince Tom to let her use the car. Finding a spare key, Belle doesn’t know whether she should risk it and drive herself to the abortion clinic.

When Amelia reluctantly agrees to look after Piper, Belle slips her phone into Esther’s pram. Double-checking that she’s not being watched, she climbs into Tom’s car.

At the clinic, Belle struggles to make sense of her situation with Tom. However, she remains resolute in her decision.

Will she go through with it?

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