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Emmerdale spoilers: Belle exposes Chas’ affair as she plans surprise getaway

Chas wants to leave her problems behind

In Emmerdale spoilers for next week, Chas and Paddy prepare to leave the village on a surprise getaway together.

However, as they are busy getting ready to leave, Belle exposes Chas and Al’s affair to Moira.

Will Chas and Paddy manage to leave in Emmerdale spoilers?

Paddy, Chas, Marlon, Rhona and Eve sit around the dinner table, smiling, on Emmerdale
Chas is playing happy families (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Chas plays happy families

Next week, Chas’ grief resurfaces as she finds a box of Faith’s things.

Chas is comforted by Paddy’s support and enjoys decorating the Christmas tree with Eve.

Having a realisation, Chas realises how much she loves her family as they gather at the dinner table for a meal with Marlon and Rhona.

She’s ready to move forward with Paddy and forget she ever loved Al, feeling secretly guilty after Paddy gives her a gift.

However, whilst Chas may have moved on from her affair, it’s clear that other people haven’t.

Some aren’t ready to forgive and forget that easily.

Eve laughs excitedly as she sits around the dinner table with Paddy, Chas, Rhona and Marlon on Emmerdale
Chas’ world is about to come crashing down… (Credit: ITV)

Belle exposes Chas’ affair as she plans to leave the village

Chloe speaks to Belle and tells her that Al had dinner with someone at Westgrove Hall Hotel on the day that Faith died.

This suddenly confirms to Belle that Chas was still having an affair with Al.

The hotel was the same one that Faith had booked for Chas to go to, to get her out of the house.

Belle angrily confronts Chas and gets the answers she needs.

Chas can’t lie when Belle has the evidence that confirms her affair.

Belle then asks Chas if Cain killed Al because he knew about the affair but, Chas doesn’t know whether to tell the truth.

All she can think about is whether Belle will tell Paddy.

She’s right to worry as Belle crumbles and tells Moira what she knows.

Moira soon realises that Chas is to blame for Kyle and Cain being anywhere near Al in the first place.

Meanwhile, Paddy surprises Chas with a little getaway, with Chas packing her things whilst panicking.

She hopes that they can leave the village before the truth gets out.

Paddy and Chas, hand in hand smiling on Emmerdale
Chas and Paddy prepare to leave (Credit: ITV)

Will Chas and Paddy get to leave?

As Belle tells Moira the truth, both are left furious with what this means.

Coming to the conclusion that Chas’ affair was to blame for Al’s death, Moira struggles to hide her anger.

As Chas and Paddy plan to get away, will Belle or Moira break the truth to Paddy before they have the chance to go?

Will more of Chas’ family find out the truth?

Or will Chas escape the consequences of her actions, yet again?

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Emmerdale - Belle Confronts Chas (3rd November 2022)

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