Emmerdale first look week 40 comp image: Kim, Lydia, Chas, Paddy, Harry

Emmerdale spoilers: First look at all-new pics for October 2-6

Chas finally moves on from Paddy and Lydia confides in Kim about the rape

In Emmerdale spoilers for next week, Chas finally moves on from Paddy as she gets to know a guy called ‘Simon.’ But, is he really who he says he is?

Elsewhere, Lydia tells Kim the truth about the rape as Kim encourages her to open up to Sam. But, can Lydia bring herself to tell Sam what happened?

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

Emmerdale spoilers

1. Chas moves on

Chas struggles on the anniversary of Grace’s death as Paddy moves forward with his life whilst she feels stuck in the past.

She tries to start afresh when she meets ‘Simon’ aka Harry, who buys her a drink.

As they bond over their late children, Chas has second thoughts and tells ‘Simon’ that he can kip on the sofa.

However, when she goes upstairs, Harry starts to search the back room whilst looking at a photo of Caleb.

Paddy spots ‘Simon’ the next morning before telling Chas that Eve wants to live with him now.

Chas soon makes thing worse by making a snide remark about Mandy’s motherhood.

As Chas leaves Eve with Paddy, she breaks down in tears as she worries about losing her daughter.

With this, she gives ‘Simon’ a call. But, will he only hurt her even more?

2. Craig twists the truth

As Samson quizzes Craig on why he was let down from his work experience, Craig twists the truth and lies to Samson about what happened with him and Lydia.

With Samson securing his work experience again, he starts to believe that something went on with Lydia and Craig.

With Samson on the phone to Cathy, Mandy overhears and confronts him.

Samson believes that Lydia was having an affair with Craig and tells Mandy who then confronts Lydia. But, will Lydia be honest with Mandy?

3. Lydia tells Kim the truth

After her conversation with Mandy, Lydia bursts into tears in front of Kim.

Lydia can’t keep things bottled up anymore and tells Kim that Craig raped her.

Kim is worried for Lydia and suggests that she tells Sam the truth. But, will Lydia take Kim’s advice and open up to her husband?

4. Chloe finds an unexpected friend in Charity

Jealous over Mack and Chloe’s engagement news, Charity persuades Liam to take her out on a date to the B&B.

However, things are awkward when Mack and Chloe turn up and sit at the table next to them.

Unable to keep her emotions in, Charity soon takes things out on Liam.

Later on, Charity sees Chloe in the playground and feels obliged to take her and an ill Reuben to the hospital.

As Reuben is given the all-clear, Chloe is happy to be on speaking terms with Charity.

But, will Charity tell Chloe about the moment of passion that she and Mack had before the Christening?

5. Charles speaks at Victor’s funeral

Charles attends Victor’s funeral and gives his eulogy as Claudette watches him. Can she forgive him?

6. Tom and Belle look to the future

Charles tries to apologise to Tom for how he behaved towards him but it proves a difficult conversation.

Also, Tom and Belle share a heartfelt moment as they become excited about their future together.

7. Cain and Caleb are up to no good

Cain and Caleb walking on the farm in Emmerdale

Cain and Caleb are still tense after their mysterious trip away from the village.

They head to Wylie’s Farm and carry out some mystery business. But, what are they up to?

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