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Emmerdale spoilers for next week: First look as David exits the village

Actor Matthew Wolfenden departs the Dales

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal David’s departure from the village after he sees Jacob and Victoria together. But will he forgive them before he goes?

Meanwhile, Mack is desperately searching for his son. Do Amy and Matty know where Chloe and Reuben are? And will they tell him?

Also, Tracy can’t fight temptation any longer, but will Cain catch her and Caleb out?

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

Emmerdale spoilers for next week

1. David finds out

Victoria and David kissing on Emmerdale

Jacob and Victoria make the most of an empty house on David’s birthday. But when he arrives home unexpectedly, she’s forced to hide. Vic then loses her bracelet, but when Jacob finds it, he entices her into a kiss to celebrate.

However, David has returned home and seen them through the window. He had been harbouring hopes he and Victoria could reunite. He also believed Jacob’s secret girlfriend was Gabby.

David crying on Emmerdale

Absolutely dumbstruck, David doesn’t know what to do. Will he confront them about their lies?

2. David leaves Emmerdale

With everything changed for him, David soon makes a big decision. David knows he has to leave the village. He bids an emotional farewell to his family and drives away.

3. Brenda wants Pollard to get help

Pollard talking to Brenda on Emmerdale

Brenda encourages Pollard to speak to Manpreet. But will he listen to her pleas?

Meanwhile, Pollard does later take action over something. He asks Tracy to become shop manager now David has gone and she agrees.

4. Desperate Mack

Mack has been out searching all night for Chloe and Reuben. He begs Amy and Matty for news and they’re shocked to see him so low. He has no idea that Amy fears she’ll never see her sister again either.

Charity is resolute they will get his son back. She advises Mack to stay on Matty and Amy’s good side to get information. But desperate Mack is prepared to do whatever it takes to find Reuben.

5. Tracy cheats

Tracy and Nate spend family time with Frankie at the playground. Caleb walks past and is shaken to see them so loved-up.

Tracy is desperate to put all thoughts of Caleb behind her. But it’s not that easy when the Dingles gather in the Woolpack to celebrate Cain’s birthday.

Tracy is flustered when she’s seated next to Caleb and makes an excuse. She heads out to the toilet.

Caleb follows her and passion quickly boils over. They soon find themselves kissing furiously.

Cain almost catches them and they pull apart before heading back to the bar. However when Caleb leaves, Tracy follows him. Will she realise what she’s risking and put a stop to it before it’s too late?

6. Amit plans to leave

Amit decides the family don’t want him around so he’s going to leave. Suni wants him to stay so tries to appeal to Laurel. She goes to find out the truth from Nicky about why Amit punched him.

However Amit watches on suspiciously. Although Nicky keeps his secret, Amit is sure Nicky has spilled the beans.

Suni doesn’t trust that Nicky kept quiet. He dumps Nicky, but instantly regrets it.

With Amit and Suni’s relationship broken too, Suni distances himself from his dad. Can Amit make it up to him before he leaves town?

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