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Emmerdale spoilers: Gus offers Rhona a deal as she makes a desperate bid for custody of Ivy

Rhona is reluctant to trust her ex-husband after last time

In Emmerdale spoilers for next week Rhona’s celebrations over her freedom are overshadowed by her custody bid for baby Ivy. So when Gus offers a deal, is it all her dreams come true?

As Rhona is faced with a choice over whether or not to trust him will she do the right thing?

Ivy has taken over Rhona’s life (Credit: ITV)

Rhona desperate for custody of Ivy

Rhona tries to be grateful for being free following her trial for kidnapping Ivy. However, she is preoccupied with her desire to have the baby with her full time.

Ethan warns her a custody battle could take years and Rhona feels deflated.

But then Gus turns up with an offer that seems too good to be true…

Is Gus being straight this time? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Gus offers to help Rhona get Ivy

Surprised to see her ex-husband, Rhona is even more stunned when he offers to plead guilty at his upcoming fraud trial. He says it will help Rhona get Ivy back even quicker.

However after Gus tricked her last time in order to keep Ivy himself, Rhona doesn’t trust him. She rejects his deal.

But Marlon is furious with her. He sees it as a chance to reunite their family and begs Rhona to reconsider.

Agreeing to hear Gus out, Rhona nervously meets Gus the next day. She’s desperate to find a way to see if he is really genuine in his offer to help her.

Gus tells her all he needs from her is a victim statement to mitigate his sentencing. But is there more to it? Is Gus tricking her again?

Marlon and Rhona are left confused (Credit: ITV)

Rhona torn in Emmerdale spoilers

As Rhona is still unsure whether to trust him, she struggles with what to do. But his impassioned plea does have an affect and Rhona considers supporting him.

She discusses the situation with Marlon. Neither of them know if Gus is being straight with them and will follow through with his end of the deal.

Faced with the possibility of a longed-for reunion with her daughter, what will Rhona do? And is it the right move?

It’s a complicated case

Viewers have seen Rhona desperate to get Ivy under her care after Gus stole their embryos without her permission. He then used them to get his wife Lucy pregnant. Sadly Lucy died in childbirth and Rhona stepped in to help a grief-stricken Gus with the newborn as he struggled to cope.

But when Gus announced he was moving with the baby to France, Rhona acted and ran away with her. She was found and arrested, but walked free at her kidnap trial.

Solicitor Ethan has repeatedly warned her the case is complicated as Rhona has no legal rights to the child. However, Rhona has maintained the law is wrong because Ivy came from her DNA and is her child. Will she get the baby in the end?

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