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James Hooton hints at Samson being Craig’s killer in Emmerdale drama

The actor is hinting at a shock twist

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Emmerdale star James Hooton has dropped a huge hint over the shock identity of rapist Craig’s murderer. The brute was seen dead on Friday night’s episode of the ITV soap.

And next week’s week-long flashback specials will see which of the Dingles killed him. Viewers know he raped Lydia Dingle in harrowing scenes earlier this year.

It led to the Dingles vowing revenge, despite Lydia trying to stop them. And now next week, when the news emerges that Craig has been murdered, Lydia summons the Dingles and demands the truth.

James Hooton has revealed Sam is hiding something further in Emmerdale but is it that his son’s a killer? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Secrets will be hidden

Secrets are set to be revealed in the explosive week – including how her own husband Sam kidnapped Craig. And while viewers will discover the truth about Craig’s killer – secrets will still be hidden.

And James has teased that Sam is hiding more secrets about what really happened. Could this mean he admits to the crime to protect the true killer? Could that killer be Samson? Fans certainly think so.

One said: “I know he is not in the trailer but I’m saying Samson“. A second said: “Soap opera whodunnits. Always go for the person they didn’t show in the suspect list. In the case of @emmerdale, Samson.”

A third said: “It’s not going to be any of the suspects. Treating us like idiots. Obviously, Samson because he’s not there.”

Emmerdale - The Dingles Plot Revenge Against Craig

James Hooton drops huge hint

And now James has dropped something of a spoiler…

Speaking to assembled media at the Emmerdale press day, he said: “I think we come to realise that Sam is concealing further information, that could lead to a conclusion as to what’s happened to Craig.”

But he assured fans: “They will definitely know what happened to Craig, yes.”

Emmerdale's Samson is in the office
Did Samson kill Craig in Emmerdale? But will anyone discover the truth? (Credit: ITV)

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The actor also opened up about his on-screen family have been changed by Lydia’s ordeal. He said: “I think anyone in real life would be ultimately changed, on some level, from an ordeal such as this. God forbid anyone has to go through that set of circumstances.

“Given the death of the individual concerned and everything else that happens, there is a question mark over whether Sam and Lydia can get back to a sense of normality. You would hope that their bond and strength as a couple allows that to happen over time.

“Lydia, Sam and Samson are a strong family unit, despite the perils and problems they’ve faced. So we hope that love prevails as a family.”

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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