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Emmerdale spoilers: Kyle’s guilt may unravel Cain’s secret in prison visit

The youth is struggling with his guilt

In latest Emmerdale spoilers, Kyle risks his secret becoming exposed when he visits Cain in prison.

The youth is racked with guilt over his killing of Al Chapman.

As Kyle grows increasingly unstable, the family worries that his secret will come to light.

Meanwhile, Matty argues that Kyle should seek professional help.

Will Kyle spill his secret?

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Amy and Moira look tired as Matty talks, agitated, on Emmerdale
Matty tries to convince Moira and Amy to go to the police (Credit: ITV)

Matty worries about Kyle’s state of mind

As the storyline continues, Matty is worried about Kyle.

He tries to convince Moira and Amy to go to the police and tell them the truth.

Kyle says that he can’t go to school because he misses his dad too much.

Amy and Moira’s worries about his state of mind grow.

Amy tells Kyle that if he goes to school, she will ask if Cain will see him at the prison.

Moira is frustrated that the family’s attempt to keep Kyle’s crime under wraps is falling apart.

Later, Amy and Moira discuss whether letting Kyle visit Cain in prison is a good idea.

Cain and Amy talk to Cain in the prison visiting room on Emmerdale
Kyle’s guilt is out of control when he sees Cain again (Credit: ITV)

Kyle visits Cain in prison in Emmerdale spoilers

The next day, Kyle is excited to finally see his father again.

As Matty continues to argue for getting Kyle professional help, Moira and Amy start to suspect that he might be right.

But, unbeknownst to them, Kyle has overheard the entire conversation.

Kyle goes to see Cain in the prison.

As he sits down in the visitor’s room, he is overcome with guilt to see his dad there.

He breaks down.

As Kyle is clearly struggling to control his emotions, Amy and Cain worry that he will reveal their secret.

Cain doesn’t know if it was a good idea for him to have visited.

Can Kyle hold it together?

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