Composite image of Leyla and Caleb looking flirty on Emmerdale (Credit: ITV/Composite: Entertainment Daily)

Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla’s stalker hell after bedding Caleb

Things get steamy between Caleb and Leyla

Latest Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that Leyla Harding faces threats from a mystery stalker just as she grows closer to Caleb Miligan. As sparks fly, the pair spend a hot and steamy night together, leaving tongues wagging in the village.

Unbeknown to them both, they are being watched by a hooded figure. But who is the mystery stalker following Leyla around the village? And does it have anything to do with drug dealer Callum?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers for this storyline below.

Caleb and Emmerdale flirt on Emmerdale
Sparks fly between Leyla and Caleb (Credit: ITV)

Leyla grows closer to Caleb

As the storyline begins, Caleb and Leyla are feeling flirty. The pair start to get close when Leyla invites Caleb in for a cup of coffee. News of Leyla and Caleb spending the night together quickly spreads around the village.

But Leyla’s mood is spoiled by some terrifying news – Callum has been released out on bail. With Callum recently having kidnapped Leyla, she’s feeling particularly worried by the news of his release. Will Callum return to the village to enact his revenge?

A mystery figure watches through the window as Leyla and Caleb kiss on Emmerdale
Leyla’s stalker watches as things get hands on between Leyla and Caleb (Credit: ITV)

A mystery stalker watches Leyla from afar

Later on, a hooded figure stalks Leyla. The masked menace watches through a window as things get steamy between Caleb and Leyla. The next day, the mysterious figure continues to follow Leyla. He watches her from a car window, putting Leyla on edge.

Caleb offers to keep an eye on her, but Leyla refuses to allow Callum to intimidate her. But is Callum really behind Leyla’s stalking?

Caleb grapples with a hooded figure on Emmerdale
Caleb grapples with Leyla’s stalker… but who is it? (Credit: ITV)

Caleb catches Leyla’s stalker in the act

Later, Leyla walks into the Village Hall. As she does so, Caleb apprehends her stalker. But who is it? And does it have anything to do with Callum’s release?

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Emmerdale - Leyla Attempts To Escape Callum

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