Mack and Matty with an insert of Chloe in Emmerdale spoilers

Emmerdale spoilers: Mack tracks down Chloe and violence breaks out

There's a furious row that makes everything worse!

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Emmerdale spoilers for later in December reveal  Mack manages to track down Chloe and Reuben – almost!

And his efforts to find his son lead to a HUGE showdown between Mack and Matty, a near miss for Chloe and terror for Amy!

But has Mack just made everything a whole lot worse in Emmerdale spoilers?

Emmerdale spoilers: Christmas chaos?

With Christmas Day approaching,  Moira is planning a big family celebration. But Mack’s reluctant to to join in the fun, because he doesn’t want to sit at the table with Amy while his son is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Matty’s hiding the truth that he and Amy are visiting Chloe and Reuben the next day.

After a heated row between him and Amy, though, Matty cracks and he tells Mack the truth about what he and Amy are planning. Mack’s NOT impressed!

Matty and Mack looking solemn on Emmerdale
Matty’s hiding the truth from Mack (Credit: ITV)

Planning revenge

With the knowledge that Matty and Amy could lead him straight to Chloe, Mack’s determined to get his son back.

So as Matty and Amy leave the village, Charity and Mack jump in the car and follow them. But when they’re stopped at traffic lights, Amy’s furious when she spots the others behind them.

As a confrontation takes place, and Amy refusing to say where her sister is hiding out, Mack snatches her phone.

He’s planning to message Chloe and lure her to a meet by pretending to be Amy.

Mack argues with Amy while Matty looks on in Emmerdale
Mack is a desperate man (Credit: ITV)

Walking into a trap!

As Chloe prepares to get Reuben ready to meet Amy and Matty, she’s oblivious to Mack’s plan – until one careless word in a message makes her realise it’s not Amy who’s contacting her.

Furious, she sends a reply saying he’ll never see his son again. Mack’s despair quickly turns to fury as he realises what he’s done.

Mack and Amy argue on Emmerdale
Mack snatches Amy’s phone in desperation (Credit: ITV)

Coming to blows!

Amy’s cross at Mack for isolating Chloe again, and Matty’s fuming with him for destroying his relationship with Amy.

As Mack resorts to his usual sarcasm in response, Matty loses his temper and punches him! Amy’s not impressed though and upset Matty heads off, thinking he’s lost his fiancée for good.

Later at the HOP, Amy’s shocked and scared when a hooded figure grabs her.

Is Mack on the warpath?!

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