Emmerdale's Samson is angry and, in a bubble, is Noah looking upset

Emmerdale spoilers: Samson blackmails Noah over Amelia and Esther

Samson is playing a game

In Emmerdale spoilers for next week, Samson blackmails Noah as he asks for the money from Noah’s trust fund in order to stay away from Esther.

Noah agrees to pay Samson.

But, will Samson really stay away from Esther in Emmerdale spoilers?

Sam, Amelia and Noah sit happily together, talking on Emmerdale
Amelia, Samson and Noah are sitting at a table in the café (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Noah’s jealous of Samson

Last week, Noah was starting to become jealous of Samson.

After arriving at the cafe with Valentine’s Day gifts, Noah felt pushed out when he saw Samson with Amelia and Esther.

Next week, Noah’s jealousy continues to grow.

Noah’s already devastated when he finds out that he no longer has an apprenticeship now that Marcus has left the village.

He’s desperate to find a new job and goes off for a meeting with a possible employer.

However, Noah’s furious when he finds out that Samson has been looking after Esther whilst he was out searching for a job.

Will he make his feelings about Samson clear to Amelia?

Samson, Noah and Amelia sit together in the cafe on Emmerdale
Samson has Noah right where he wants him (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Samson blackmails Noah

With Noah becoming more and more suspicious of Samson’s true intentions, Samson continues to play a game with Amelia and Noah.

He tries to get on Amelia’s good side by spending more time with Esther.

Noah’s frustrated as he watches Samson getting closer to his girlfriend and her baby.

Knowing that he’s touching a nerve, Samson blackmails Noah.

He demands money from his trust fund.

If he’s paid off, he’ll stay away from Esther.

Noah agrees to pay Samson two thousand pounds from his trust fund to leave both Amelia and Esther alone.

Will Samson finally stay away now that he’s being given money?

Or, will he come back for more now that he’s got Noah right where he wants him?

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Emmerdale - Amelia Suggests That Samson Spends Time With Esther (13th February 2023)

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