Emmerdale spoilers: Villager’s affair exposed, court drama unfolds

A love rat comes clean

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Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers reveal a shock split as one villager’s cheating is suddenly exposed.

But whose infidelity is about to be revealed?

And will it lead to a break up between an Emmerdale couple?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers below to find out more.

Naomi speaking in court Emmerdale
Naomi takes to the stand at court (Credit: ITV)

Nicola faces Naomi and the gang in court

The week begins with Nicola and Naomi in the courtroom.

As the trial into Nicola’s attack gets underway, Naomi is blindsided when ringleader Saskia’s barrister says that the gang were no longer friends with Naomi at the time of the crime.

She claims that Naomi had split from the gang after an argument over money.

The barrister goes on to say that Naomi felt ostracised by the gang, so dragged them into her feud with Nicola.

Later, Naomi’s barrister highlights Nicola’s lack of evidence.

Things are looking grim for both Naomi and Nicola.

Naomi and Saskia, sitting next to two other gang members in courtoom
With the trial underway, Saskia demands that Naomi change her version of events (Credit: ITV)

Saskia threatens Naomi

As Naomi and Nicola both fret, Naomi runs into Saskia in the court bathrooms.

She threatens to drag Naomi’s family into things if she doesn’t change her story.

In the courtroom, the barrister points out that Naomi has implicated herself in a crime.

She says that Saskia has no reason to lie about any of this.

Feeling the pressure, Naomi explodes, and tells the courtroom about Saskia’s threats.

The judge tells the jury to only consider the evidence presented to them during trial.

As the trial comes to an end, neither Nicola nor Naomi are optimistic.

Nate and Tracy in the cafe, Vanessa and Manpreet in background Emmerdale
Nate admits to Naomi that he slept with Tracy (Credit: ITV)

Nate comes clean about his affair

Things get worse for Naomi at home, when Nate admits that he slept with Tracy.

How will Naomi react, faced with both Nate’s affair and the possibility of jail time?

Will the couple split over Nate’s shock confession?

And does it matter anyway if Naomi is going to prison?

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