Lydia looking shocked an d upset on Emmerdale; inset, village background and soap logo (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Lydia shaken by face from the past

Who is the mystery man from her past?

Tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers (August 17) reveal that Lydia Dingle is set to be shocked when a face from her past suddenly shows up in the village. But who is Craig, and what does he mean to her?

Elsewhere, Dan spends his last day in the village as he prepares for his sentencing. How long will Dan spend in jail?

Meanwhile, Mary is cagey about her date. How did it go?

Also, Marlon agrees to try getting back behind the wheel as he’s pushed by Rhona and Mary. Can he face his fears to drive again?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers for tonight in full below.

Lydia talking to Craig on Emmerdale
A face from Lydia’s past pops up at the recruitment fair (Credit: ITV)

Lydia is shocked by a blast from the past

Lydia announces that she’s going to a recruitment fair in search of another job. However, Sam isn’t happy with her going.

Later, Lydia feels awkward when she sees Kim arrive at the Hide recruitment fair. She’s even more shaken when she bumps into a mystery man from her past.

Craig, who hasn’t seen Lydia since the children’s home, is delighted to see Lydia again. But who is he – and what does he want from her?

Lydia looks awkward as Craig talks to her on Emmerdale
Who is Craig? (Credit: ITV)

Dan’s last day

It’s Dan’s last day in the village before the trial concludes. Things start to feel all too real when he leaves the Woolpack for the last time.

As he says his goodbyes to his friends in the village, Dan sets off on his final trip. As he arrives in court, his solicitor says that he should expect to get a short sentence.

Dan braces himself for sentencing. However, his fear and guilt continues to hang over him.

What will happen next?

Mary keeps it quiet

It’s the day after her date, and Mary is acting cagey about it. How did it go?

Marlon in his car while Rhona looks on in Emmerdale
Rhona encourages Marlon to face his fears (Credit: ITV)

Marlon faces his fears

After pressure from Rhona and Mary, worried Marlon agrees to try getting behind the wheel of his specially adapted car. He feels nervous as he prepares to drive for the first time since his stroke.

Will Marlon be alright?

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Emmerdale - Lydia Finally Meets Her Mother

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