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Cain Dingle aids Dan’s escape, Laurel’s kidnap crisis, Nate’s warning in Emmerdale spoilers

Cain comes through for a desperate friend

Our Emmerdale spoilers tonight can reveal that Cain Dingle agrees to break the law to help out a friend. With Dan and Amelia terrified of losing each other due to his impending prison sentence, Dan goes to Cain for help. Can they flee the country before it’s too late?

Elsewhere, Laurel attempts to negotiate with an increasingly unstable Colin as her kidnap crisis escalates. Can she escape?

Meanwhile, Nate warns Corey that Caleb might be on to him and his underhand business dealings. But is Nate already in too deep with Corey and shady Harry?

And Wendy tries to get back into Bob’s good books following her affair. But is their relationship too far gone?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers tonight in full below.

Dan talking to Cain while Amelia looks on in Emmerdale
Dan asks Cain for help in his escape from the country (Credit: ITV)

Cain comes through for desperate Dan and Amelia

On board with Amelia’s plan to flee the country, Dan corners Cain and asks for help in his escape. Cain agrees to help out his friend, even though it means breaking the law.

Afterwards, Dan tells Amelia that their escape plan is a-go. He reminds her she cannot tell anyone – including Noah.  Amelia is scared, but determined to stick by her father.

Later, Cain hands Dan and Amelia a pair of ferry tickets, an old car and a burner phone. Everything is suddenly very real, and the family are now set for Ireland. But will they go through with Dan’s escape?

Laurel takes a swing at Colin on Emmerdale
With Colin distracted, Laurel takes a swing at an escape plan (Credit: ITV)

Laurel hits back

At Colin’s house, hostage Laurel tries to negotiate with Colin. As his instability escalates, Laurel talks him into prayer while a desperate plan unfolds.

Hitting Colin over the head, Laurel tries to dash for the doors of the house, but she’s locked in. How will Colin retaliate?

Back in the village, Nicola and Suni grow concerned about Laurel’s absence. Can they work out where she’s gone?

Suni and Nicola look worried on Emmerdale
Nicola and Suni begin to realise that something might be up with Laurel (Credit: ITV)

Corey issues Nate a warning

In an attempt to get out of doing a dodgy job with Harry, Nate tells Corey that Caleb suspects him of underhand dealings. But Corey warns him that getting on the wrong side of Harry would be even worse.

Meanwhile, Tracy is pleased for Nate’s apparent success at work. But is he already in to deep with dirty Harry?

Corey talking to Nate on Emmerdale
Corey tells Nate not to mess with Harry (Credit: ITV)

Wendy tries to win over Bob

Following the fallout from her affair with Liam, relations remain frosty between Wendy and Bob. Desperate to make things right, she continues trying to move mountains to get through to her man. Will Bob listen?

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