Emmerdale star Daisy Campbell reveals father of Amelia’s baby ‘isn’t someone people expect’

Who could the father be?

Emmerdale star Daisy Campbell has revealed she chose the father of Amelia‘s baby and that it isn’t someone people expect.

The 15-year-old soap character recently discovered she was pregnant.

She made the decision to keep the baby. But it has not been revealed who the father is.

Noah goes with Amelia to her baby scan (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Daisy Campbell reveals she chose the father of Amelia’s baby

Last month Amelia found out she was pregnant. She kept her pregnancy secret and decided to book an abortion.

However outside the clinic she ran into Charity Dingle.

Charity offered to be Amelia’s support. But when she realised Amelia had been visiting her son Noah in prison, she believed he could be the dad.

When Noah was released, Amelia was forced to admit that Noah isn’t the dad.

However he has been there as a friend to support her as she decided to keep her baby.

It has not revealed who the father of Amelia’s baby is, but Emmerdale fans have come up with different theories including Heath Hope, Samson Dingle and Jacob Gallagher.

The identity of the baby’s father is still unknown (Credit: ITV)

However actress Amelia Campbell has revealed she knows who the father is, as she and her co-star Liam Fox, who plays Amelia’s dad Dan, decided who it would be.

Daisy revealed she was inspired by her co-star Rosie Bentham, when her character Gabby Thomas fell pregnant and she thought she would like to do something similar.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Daisy said: “Me and Liam discussed it, then pitched it to our producer Kate Brooks, and a few months later she told us it was happening.”

As Liam and Daisy were the architects of this story, they were the ones to choose the identity of the father, who still remains a mystery.

Daisy continued: “You’re going to know very soon and all I’ll say is that I don’t think it’s someone people will expect.

“Me and Liam figured out who the dad could be as part of creating the storyline, so I’ve known all along.”

Dan finds out Amelia is pregnant (Credit: ITV)

What’s next for Amelia?

This week Amelia goes for her scan and Noah accompanies her.

After the scan their relationship blossoms and Harriet is shocked when she sees them kissing

Later Harriet tells Dan about what she saw.

At the graveyard Sam lays flowers on Alice’s grave as Lydia watches respectfully when they hear yelling.

They go to see what’s going on and as tensions rise, Amelia’s pregnancy is revealed and Bob has to stop Dan from attacking Noah.

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