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Emmerdale star Karen Blick issues warning to fans: ‘Please do not accept’

The star has found herself in a social media battle

Emmerdale star Karen Blick has issued a warning to her fans on social media this week. The actress, who plays Lydia Dingle on Emmerdale, did so amidst an ongoing battle with a social media troll.

Posting on Tuesday (September 26), Karen brought the situation to her fans’ attention, warning those affected: “Please do not accept.”

Karen Blick as Lydia on Emmerdale
Karen plays Lydia Dingle on Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale star Karen Blick battles online imposter

She shared a screenshot of an imposter account, claiming to be her on Instagram. In the screenshotted message, Karen’s imposter wrote: “Hi, how are you. Do you mind if I add you to my new Instagram clothing line, cause I will be launching my own products by the end of next week.”

This account has nothing to do with Karen. She warned fans about the imposter in the caption which accompanied her picture.

“This is not my account. I’m not bringing out a clothing range. Please do not accept any requests,” Karen wrote.

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Disappointed Emmerdale fans joke about Lydia Dingle cleaning range

Fans reacted with shock in the comments. Many jokingly suggested that she could bring out a line of cleaning equipment and clothing – as her character, Lydia, is a cleaner on Emmerdale.

“Ooh aprons, dusters could be a good shout Karen,” laughed one fan.

“Oh I don’t know…. the Lydia Tunic would be a must for all cleaners,” said another.

Gutted, got all excited that we were going to be able to buy Lydia’s tabbards in multiple rainbow colours. Shattered my dreams!

“Gutted, got all excited that we were going to be able to buy Lydia’s tabbards in multiple rainbow colours. Shattered my dreams!” Laughed another.

“Aah, I wanted to see your range of woolies and thermals Karen. Hope you are well,” a fourth fan wrote.”

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Emmerdale's Karen Blick on Lydia's Sensitive Storyline | Loose Women

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