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Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter issues statement to fans amid intense hatred for Chas

Lucy has defended the storyline

Emmerdale star, Lucy Pargeter, has issued a statement on Twitter in response to the mass hatred for her character, Chas.

Fans have been hating on the Chas and Al affair storyline and have called Chas ‘a monster.’

But, now Lucy has had her say on the matter on social media.

Emmerdale Chas and Al at the hotel
Chas fell head over heels for Al (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Chas has been having an affair with Al

Chas risked everything when she embarked on an affair with Al.

Using it as a distraction from Faith’s illness, at first, Chas soon started to fall in love with the businessman.

She stuck by Al’s side and planned to run away with him, buying a house with him.

Chas even missed the chance to say one last goodbye to her dying mum because she was at a spa with Al.

Unfortunately, Belle and Aaron both rumbled the affair, but it was Cain who decided to do something about it.

He threatened Al with a gun and started to fight him.

However, it was then revealed that Cain’s son, Kyle, had shot Al and killed him.

Since Al’s death, Chas has taken her anger out on Paddy and has struggled to grieve for her secret lover without anyone finding out.

But, even now that Chas and Al’s affair is over, fans are still hating on Chas.

Chas is not in people’s good books (Credit: ITV)

Fans hate Chas

After seeing how low Chas can stoop, fans are still hating on Chas despite the affair now being over.

However, they’ve also been quick to praise Lucy’s talent at turning Chas into such an unlikeable character.

One fan said: “Lucy Pargeter’s done a great job because everyone [bleep] hates Chas.”

Another commented: “There can’t be any way back from this for Chas character. She has become the most deplorable excuse for a human being, the viewers loathe her. I can only assume Lucy Pargeter is leaving, if not the writers have created a monster.”


A third viewer tweeted: “Chas is not being nice at the moment. Poor Paddy. But well-done Lucy, you’re smashing it.”

Another praised: “Chas – morphed into a domineering, opinionated, self-righteous, cruel persona. Lucy P – performing Chas’ character most brilliantly, what an actor’s delight to portray a ghastly persona where the audience is receptive to the purpose, much like Paige portraying Meena.”

Emmerdale's Lucy Pargeter smiling on the red carpet
Lucy has defended the storyline (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter has issued a statement to fans

After seeing all of the hate online, directed towards Chas, alongside the praise for her acting, Lucy has issued a statement on Twitter.

Lucy tweeted: “Just a little thank you from me and my Emmerdale family. Thank you for watching, enjoying and being so involved and invested in the stories we tell… And judging from many of your comments about Chas at the moment, I’d say it’s done what we strive to do, get you talking.”

All of the hate for Chas has shown how talented Lucy is at her job.

It looks like Lucy’s loving being involved in such a big story!

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