Emmerdale: Caleb looking menacing and Kim Tate

Emmerdale tonight: Caleb ‘fixes’ Kim in hour-long special

Is the Lady of the Manor in danger?

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Recovered from the shock that Caleb in Emmerdale is Frank Tate’s son yet? Buckle up for more surprises tonight as he targets Kim!

After the big reveal about Caleb – and nanny Nicky being his son – in last night’s shorter 30-minute episode, there’s an hour-long visit to the dales tonight.

And it all kicks off at 7pm!

Caleb is ready to fix things with Kim in Emmerdale (ITV)

Caleb corners kim?

Emmerdale spoilers are thin on the ground for tonight’s episode, but we can reveal that Caleb is determined to fix things with Kim.

As far as she’s aware, Caleb is her business partner – but fans now know he is her arch nemesis, out to get Home Farm and the fortune he believes belong to him as the son of her late husband, Frank.

His relationship with Nicky – who’s stopped grinning and revealed himself to be quite the snark – is also explored tonight.

Nicky is getting fed up of his dad’s long game, not least because he can’t stand Gabby – who he’s pretending to be besotted with – or little kids!

But he needs to keep up the facade until Caleb is ready to launch his strike on his evil stepmother!

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Emmerdale's Rhona is shocked
Rhona is gobsmacked by what she learns from Gus (Credit: ITV)

Egg on her face

Elsewhere in the village Rhona is appalled when she learns that her ex-husband has already been in touch with the fertility clinic to progress the use of her frozen embryos.

Marlon advises that she ought to contact the clinic to destroy them but will Rhona soften and help Gus with his wish to have his own child?

Faye and Mary prepare to take things upstairs (Credit: ITV)

Bed & Bonking?

And there are some mixed messages – yet again – between Faye and Mary as the latter falls asleep when they’re meant to be enjoying her date.

Faye thinks Mary has stood her up, but when she later invites her to the bedroom could their blossoming relationship be stepping up to the next level?

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Emmerdale is next on tonight, Friday April 7, at 7pm on ITV.

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