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Emmerdale: Tracy and Caleb’s affair storyline is boring, fans complain

Fans think it's the same old story...

Over in the Emmerdale village last night (Tuesday, November 28), Tracy and Caleb started their affair storyline as they were drawn to each other once more.

Tracy had tried to resist temptation before ultimately giving Caleb a passionate kiss outside of her house.

Now, fans have complained that this storyline is repetitive and adds nothing new to the soap.

Emmerdale's Tracy and Caleb are kissing outside
Tracy gave into temptation (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Tracy and Caleb kissed – AGAIN!

During Super Soap Week, viewers found out that Tracy and Caleb were hiding something from Nate.

They had both kissed each other behind Nate’s back as Tracy visited Caleb in a bid to get him to stop involving Nate in his mess.

The pair later shared another kiss with each other but Tracy backtracked each time and told Caleb that nothing could happen between them as she was with Nate.

However, her jealousy was obvious as Caleb started flirting with both Bernice and Leyla in front of Tracy.

Last night, Tracy couldn’t keep away from Caleb any longer and passionately kissed him outside of her and Nate’s house, starting an affair.

Emmerdale's Tracy is serious
Fans have seen this one play out before (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans unhappy with ‘repetitive’ cheating storyline

Emmerdale viewers have seen endless affairs on the soap and fear that Tracy and Caleb’s storyline will be no different.

They’ve already branded the romance as ‘boring’ and are sick of people cheating on each other in the village.

One fan commented: “This Caleb & Tracy storyline is [bleep] me off!!! Why does everyone have to cheat?”

Another complained: “This is getting boring. Tracy + Caleb’s affair (SO original), when she not so long ago dumped dull Nate for the same. Amy + Mack having the same row, over + over, repeating the same lines, over + over. THEN there’s Lydia. Come on – pull those socks up, writers!”

A third viewer added: “After watching tonight’s episode (don’t ask my why) it’s hard to care about ANY of the storylines that are happening at the moment. It’s just rinse and repeat [bleep]!! The Caleb and Tracy story is a repeat of Moira and Nate, seriously EDHQ do better!!!”

A final fan has already had enough and said: “Caleb + Tracy B-O-R-I-N-G.”

How long will the affair last? (Credit: ITV)

Caleb and Tracy – will Nate find out?

Caleb and Tracy’s affair has just started but how long will it be before Nate finds out what’s going on between the pair?

Caleb is Nate’s uncle after all so it’s bound to cause some chaos when the truth does come out. But, how long will the affair last?

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Caleb and Tracy give into their feelings|| 28/11/23

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