Arthur looking worried and crying in Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans praise Alfie Clarke for Arthur’s coming out scene

Arthur told Nicola that he's gay

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Emmerdale viewers have called for actor Alfie Clarke to win awards after his character Arthur came out as gay in emotional scenes.

For a while Arthur has clearly been upset and in last night’s episode (Monday, December 12) he told his mum’s best friend Nicola that he is gay.

Now Emmerdale viewers are calling for Alfie to win awards for his performance.

Arthur has recently been upset (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Arthur tells Nicola he’s gay

Recently Arthur discovered that April had a crush on him.

However Arthur told April he didn’t feel the same way and just wanted to stay friends.

Last week it became clear that something was on Arthur’s mind and Nicola tried to get him to open up.

Later Noah began teasing Arthur about his friendship with April.

Arthur became upset and later went to his dad’s grave, where he broke down in tears.

In last night’s scenes, Arthur ended up snapping at Jimmy King and later Nicola saw Arthur having a go at April after she invited him over for dinner.

Later Nicola was looking after Arthur, Dotty, Elliot and Angelica and she spoke to Arthur about his behaviour.

She told him he that he needed to apologise to April for the way he spoke to her.

Arthur told Nicola that he is gay (Credit: ITV)

Viewers call for Alfie Clarke to win awards

As the rest of the children went upstairs, Arthur asked Nicola to play a game of hangman.

As Nicola started to guess, she realised Arthur was trying to tell her that he is gay.

He then broke down in tears as he hugged Nicola.

Later the two of them talked and Arthur feared people would see him differently.

Nicola assured him that his mum Laurel would love and support him no matter what.

Now viewers are saying that Alfie Clarke deserves to win awards for his performance.

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