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Emmerdale: Vinny in hospital after Paul beats him up

Will he survive?

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Emmerdale viewers are devastated as Vinny fights for his life in hospital.

Mandy Dingle’s ‘son’ was left hospitalised after he was beaten up by his abusive father Paul.

This comes amid the infamous ‘stunt week‘ in which at least one Emmerdale character was promised to be killed off.

It was initially assumed the death would be of Paul, Jimmy or Liv as all three were caught up in the weeding barn as it caught fire.

Mandy is distraught over Paul’s death. Will she ever learn the truth? (Credit: ITV)

Who died on Emmerdale?

Abuser Paul died, leaving Mandy distraught.

But in a shock twist, Vinny was shown being wheeled into the hospital, presumably suffering from internal bleeding.

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Dozens of stunned Emmerdale viewers took to Twitter to share their dismay.

Many pleaded for Vinny not to be killed off too.

One user tweeted: “#Emmerdale Glad that Pig Paul died but is that it hopefully? Don’t want Liv, Jimmy or Vinny to died.”

Another user tweeted: “Not in the least bit sad about Paul but I’m still worried Vinny will die too #emmerdale.”

Will Vinny ever be able to tell his truth? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale viewers are terrified of losing Vinny!

Whereas a further user shared: “There better not be a second death because I just got so stressed at the thought of Liv or Vinny dying #emmerdale.”

And a fourth user claimed: “If they kill Vinny off I’m suing for emotional distress #emmerdale.”

A fifth user pleaded: “Hopefully Vinny will pull through & now Paul is out of his life for good, he can tell Mandy everything that’s been going on. You’re a survivor, Vinny. Never stop telling your story.”

But just as many viewers seemed absolutely furious that Paul was killed off.

Emmerdale Paul Ashdale
Evil Paul abused his own son (Credit: ITV)

They feared he would never get his comeuppance for his abuse of Vinny and then Liv.

One viewer ranted: “Usually I’m quite a wreck at a soap death, even the baddies but Paul.

“Literally felt nothing but anger they killed him off before Vinny and Liv got justice! I needed Mandy to know before he died even if she turned off life support! #Emmerdale.”

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A second user fumed: “Not being funny so Paul abuses Liv and Vinny and he’s now gonna die without facing any justice or comeuppance, so what the hell was this abuse storyline about?”

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Finally a third claimed: “Mixed opinions from me about Paul’s death. Glad that he can’t abuse Vinny and Liv, but annoyed that we can’t see Mandy dish out a classic load of Dingle justice. Still, I expect her to get revenge even now.”

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