Emmerdale's Nicky and Caleb are standing outside of Frank Tate's headstone

Emmerdale war confirmed for the Tates and Dingles after latest bombshell

But which side will these guys be on?

And so after months of speculating over who Caleb is, Emmerdale fans have finally learned the truth about his identity – and he’s one of the Tates, as well as the Dingles!

Last night’s episode revealed not one but two big bombshells – firstly that perma-smirker nanny Nicky is Caleb’s son. 

And Caleb is the son of Frank Tate – Kim Tate’s long-gone late husband.

Caleb on Emmerdale looking menacing
Caleb’s one of the Tates but isn’t looking for a cosy relationship with step-mum Kim Tate (Credit: ITV)

The pair are in the village to stake their claim on what they feel should be their inheritance: Home Farm.

But how will they go about it? All will be revealed very soon, teases actor William Ash: “We’ve started to film some of the scenes of us working together, where you find out more details, and they’ve been great for us to play. We [William and Lewis Cope, who plays Nicky] haven’t had many scenes together before because of the nature of the story and so now it’s brilliant to start this new chapter.

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“It’s nice to have their big secret out in the open. There’s been a lot of people speculating, even people coming up to me in the street and asking: ‘What’s Caleb up to?’ and ‘why is he in the village?’ It’s good for that part of the story to be out there, great for the audience so they don’t start losing interest in that thread.”

William has done a very good job of sitting on Caleb’s secret as he’s known the truth since he signed up to Emmerdale. 

“I knew that Frank Tate was Caleb’s dad and Faith his mum,” he says. “Plus I knew that Caleb’s son had got a job at Home Farm which Caleb had pushed him to do to place him in that world to find out as much as possible about it.”

And here’s the next big question that fans need answering – how exactly did Frank and Faith get together to make baby Caleb?

Faith Dingle
Caleb was at least telling the truth about Faith being his mother (Credit: ITV)

Older viewers will recall that Frank had departed Emmerdale by the late nineties and we were well into the millennium before Faith appeared.

So if they didn’t meet in the village, where did their paths cross?

And how will the Dingles react to finding out that there is yet more Dingle-Tate crossover?

It’s not going to be plain sailing, says William: “It could be a bit of a burden for them both as there’s a foot in both families. It’s really clever that they’ve used that device to see how much disruption these characters can cause. There’s always been that clash between the Tates and the Dingles but it will really ramp it up now! It’s really big what Caleb and Nicky are attempting to do so there are a lot of fireworks ready to go off.”

We cannot wait!

Emmerdale is next on tonight, Friday April 7, at 7.30pm on ITV.

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Kaggie Hyland