Emmerdale's Gus and, in a bubble, Coronation Street's Ronan Truman

Alan McKenna debuts as Rhona’s ex-husband Gus in Emmerdale

Alan McKenna plays Rhona's ex-husband, Gus

Alan McKenna made his first appearance in Emmerdale tonight (Wednesday April 5, 2023), playing the role of Rhona’s ex-husband, Gus. Gus was seen sitting in the Woolpack eating one of Marlon’s dishes before bumping into Rhona. But who is Alan McKenna? What else has he been in?

Alan McKenna
Alan is a triple threat (Credit: ITV)

Who is Alan McKenna?

Alan McKenna is a triple threat in the industry. He not only acts but writes and produces too. He appears in Emmerdale for the first time tonight, with this latest role adding to his long catalogue of film and television work.

Gus is Rhona’s ex-husband (Credit: ITV)

Who is Gus in Emmerdale?

Alan McKenna plays Rhona Goskirk’s ex-husband, Gus, in Emmerdale. He appeared for the first time tonight after Marlon spotted him sitting down to eat in the Woolpack.

Marlon initially thought that he just wanted to compliment him for the great food but when Rhona walked in his mood changed. Rhona asked Gus what he was doing in the village before mentioning that he was not only her ex-husband but also “the worst mistake of her life”.

She then went on to explain how Gus had left her in a right mess with the way their divorce worked out. She blamed him for keeping their dog, Cassie, just to spite her. Gus apologised for the way he had left things, with Rhona agreeing to have a catch up with him tomorrow.

Gus then went into the toilets and took a phone call to somebody. He admitted that he knew that the clock was ticking and that he would sort things out with Rhona. This marks the start of an important storyline that will see Gus ask Rhona if he and his wife, Lucy, can use Rhona’s frozen embryos from the time they were in a relationship together.

Alan McKenna
Alan has been in a lot of soaps (Credit: ITV)

What else has Alan McKenna been in?

Emmerdale is not the first soap that Alan has appeared in. Alan has also had roles in Coronation Street, EastEnders, Doctors, Holby City and Waterloo Road. In fact, Alan was a regular in the BBC soap Doctors, playing the role of Patrick McGuire between 2000-2012.

The star has also appeared in Doc Martin, DCI Banks, Midsomer Murders and The Bill. Alongside acting Alan has also written and produced shorts and screenplays.

Coronation Street's Ronan Truman is lying in a car whilst bleeding out
Alan played Ronan Truman in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Alan McKenna in Coronation Street

Alan McKenna appeared in Coronation Street as Ronan Truman between 2017-2018. Ronan was a drug lord who Adam Barlow took an interest in investigating. Adam hoped that he could strike a business deal with Ronan, selling him a packet of drugs.

However, things turned sour when Ronan realised that Adam had slept with his girlfriend, Trina. Ronan threatened Adam and the Barlows unless he paid him back the money from the drug exchange. With Adam unable to pay, Ronan attacked Adam.

In 2018, Ronan’s son, Cormac, started working at the Bistro and became friends with Ryan Connor. However, Cormac overdosed on drugs and died in front of Ali Neeson. Ronan realised that Ryan had failed to call an ambulance which had led to Cormac’s death and ensured that he was punished.

In a car showdown, Ronan crashed his car into Ryan as well as reversing into Leanne Battersby. On trying to leave, Ronan ended up crashing into a woodland, becoming impaled by a wooden post. With Ronan on his death bed but continuing to threated Ryan and Ali’s family, Ali pulled the post out of Ronan, making him bleed to death. He then made it look like Ronan had done it to himself.

EastEnders' Tony Andrews
Alan played Mr Andrews in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Alan McKenna in EastEnders

Alan played Tony Andrews in EastEnders between 2006-2007. Tony was Bradley Branning’s boss at Eichel Investment Banking. He appeared in the soap to give Bradley a promotion and appeared later on in 2007 when Bradley went for another job within the same company. Later, Mr Andrews decided to relocate the company to Singapore and was never seen on the soap after 2007.

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