Kyle Pryor as Darren in Emmerdale and Nate in Home and Away split pic

Kyle Pryor debuts as Darren in Emmerdale, with a soap star past

He's an ex soap star with a famous girlfriend

Kyle Pryor joins Emmerdale tonight playing Darren, but it’s not his first stint in Soapland by a long shot!

The actor has starred in two soaps previously and even has a famous soap star girlfriend.

Here’s the lowdown on dodgy Darren.

Darren in Emmerdale smiles as he tries to chat up Charity in the Woolpackl
Darren doesn’t make many friends in Emmerdale! (Credit: ITV)

Darren in Emmerdale

Fans will first clock eyes on Darren tonight when he visits Kim Tate at Home Farm.

He claims to be a business contact for a stud farm, but it’s not long before it becomes clear all isn’t as it seems.

Dawn pulls Darren up on his lies, but has he burnt his bridges with Kim for good?

After his Home Farm meetings, Darren heads to the pub, where he encounters Charity.

He immediately discovers she’s the landlady and sets about flirting.

But how will Mackenzie react when he overhears what’s going on?

Is Darren about to make himself very unwelcome in the village?

Darren in Emmerdale looks uncomfortable as he talks in front of a big Christmas tree
Kyle Pryor plays Darren (Credit: ITV)

Who plays Darren in Emmerdale?

Darren is played by Kyle Pryor.

Born in Surrey on January 10, 1984, Kyle is 38 years old.

He moved to New Zealand in 2006 and became a stuntman. However, he transitioned into acting in NZ by 2009.

Kyle moved to Australia in 2012, where he eventually landed his first soap role.

Kyle Pryor as Dr Nate Cooper in Home and Away looking serious without a shirt
Dr Nate in Home and Away was very good at doing his job without a shirt! (Credit: Channel 5)

What else has Kyle Pryor in Emmerdale been in?

After unsuccessfully auditioning for two other parts (Kyle Braxton and Andy Barrett), Kyle was offered the part of doctor Nate Cooper in Home and Away.

He starred in the Aussie soap from 2013 until 2017, where he was at the centre of some huge storylines.

Nate had many romances, including an unstable ex-wife whose addiction destroyed their marriage.

He was also involved with Ricky Sharpe, eventually marrying her. But things broke down after she was forced to have an emergency hysterectomy following an explosion.

Although Nate accepted she couldn’t give him any biological children, she felt he would resent her and they broke up.

Nate also had a life-threatening accident that left him with liver damage, and dealt with his complicated relationship with the father who abandoned him.

Nate left Home and Away in 2017 to work for CareFlight, an air medical service.

Laurie Shelby in Hollyoaks lean on the car door looking menacing with a cut on his head
Laurie was a nasty man (Credit: Lime Pictures/Channel 4)

Kyle Pryor in Hollyoaks

In November 2018, Kyle joined Hollyoaks as Laurie Shelby.

The outwardly upstanding deputy head teacher was hiding a dark side.

He was the husband of Sinead O’Connor (Stephanie Davis) and was a sex predator. In a storyline representing the MeToo movement, Laurie sexually harassed Sienna Blake.

He also raped his wife on several occasions. He then attempted to rape Sinead’s mum, Diane O’Connor.

Sinead and Sienna eventually fought back and he was pushed off the school balcony.

However, he survived and was sent to prison.

When he was sentenced to four years, in the prison van on the way back from court, Laurie fought with fellow prisoner, Finn O’Connor – who also happened to be Sinead’s brother!

The van crashed and Laurie escaped before going to find Sinead.

He intended to kidnap her, but she managed to escape and run off. Although Laurie chased her, his head injury from the van crash saw him collapse. Sinead performed CPR to save him, but Laurie died.

Anna Passey dazzles in a white gown on the red carpet at the British Soap Awards
Kyle and Anna have been dating since 2019 (Credit:

Who is Kyle Pryor dating?

Since 2019 Kyle has been in a relationship with Hollyoaks co-star Anna Passey. Anna plays Sienna in the soap.

The couple have set up their own business together, Kip Candles, making and selling candles.

They also spend their time renovating an old coach house.

After Kyle’s Emmerdale scenes started streaming on ITVX at the beginning on this week, Anna threw her support behind her other half.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Anna Passey (@misspassey)

She shared a picture of him on Emmerdale and wrote: “I’m loving tuning in to Emmerdale to watch the wonderful Kyle Pryor do his thing,” followed by a heart emoji.

Kyle replied in the comments with a series of heart emojis of his own.


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