Emmerdale's Rhona, Gus and Marlon

Emmerdale: Zoe Henry and Mark Charnock hint at tensions for Marlon and Rhona after Gus sentencing

It's not all celebration for Rhona and Marlon

In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale (Wednesday, April 24), Gus’ sentencing took place but Rhona was the one to provide a shock twist.

She went back on her promise to Gus and instead provided a fresh statement that didn’t do Gus any favours.

Now, Emmerdale stars Zoe Henry and Mark Charnock have now teased that the sentencing will impact Marlon and Rhona’s relationship.

Gus in court on Emmerdale
Gus went to prison (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Gus was sentenced to eight years in prison

Tonight, Gus’ sentencing day approached as Rhona promised him that she’d do everything she could to help him out.

Gus wasn’t very optimistic about the sentencing and said his goodbyes to Ivy, worrying that she would be grown up by the time he saw her again.

In court, Rhona started to read out her prepared witness statement but then backtracked. She then started telling the truth about what Gus did and how it has affected both her and her family.

As Rhona admitted that she might never recover from the embryo theft, the judge then sentenced Gus to eight years in prison.

Gus was then taken down to his cell as Marlon condemned Rhona for going against the original agreement, failing to consult him on her latest plans.

Rhona Goskirk looks at Gus unsure over baby Ivy
Rhona and Marlon will be close to break point (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Zoe Henry and Mark Charnock tease Gus aftermath

Rhona and Marlon’s marriage might be on the verge of breaking point after Rhona’s huge changing of her mind during court, Zoe Henry and Mark Charnock have revealed to Entertainment Daily! and other media.

Zoe Henry revealed: “They’ve been through a lot already but it’s not pretty. The fallout from the stuff in court is pretty shocking.”

Mark Charnock then added: “Something happens in the second bit of courtroom drama that capsizes them and one of them may or may not overreact and take it the wrong way…”

Zoe then admitted: “There was a point after the court case where we were reading stuff going ‘ah, I don’t think we’re gonna survive this.”

Despite this being ‘a massive explosion point’ the pair then admitted that the married couple are ‘working on’ resolving their differences. Can they get through this though?

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