Emmerdale fans delighted by “beautiful” unseen Robron wedding scene

Touching extra scene tied up a long-running storyline thread

Soap viewers have been treated to a “perfect” extra helping of the beloved Robron nuptials after ITV shared a previously unseen look at the newlyweds’ big day.

Emmerdale devotees were over the moon that a long-running storyline thread was resolved in the short clip, released on YouTube after Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle’s wedding aired last week.

But some fans were a little disgruntled the 50 second scene was not broadcast on TV, feeling it had been left on the cutting room floor in favour of another scene featuring Rebecca White.

Viewed only 40,000 times, the ‘secret’ scene shows Aaron presenting his husband with a special gift to commemorate them tying the knot – even though they had agreed not to get each other presents.

Robert and Aaron say they do… again (Credit: ITV)

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The gift – a watch – in fact already belonged to Robert – he thought he had lost it, but it turns out Aaron had retained it after their previous relationship together fell apart.

“I kind of kept it, when we broke up,” a sheepish Aaron admits before pointing out a engraving to mark their wedding day.

“I told myself it was to annoy you, but it wasn’t.”

And as Aaron added it was also proof his partner had never lost him either, Robert responded: “I love it. And I love you.”


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Overwhelmed fans could not understand why the “amazing” scene had been edited out.

And for those viewers who may not immediately recall the backstory involving the watch, here is a helpful reminder.

We know Robron are very happy together again but… a quick word of advice to Robert… if things start going badly again, just keep an eye on your valuables.

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