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Entertainment Daily Awards 2023: Vote for your Best Soap!

Emmerdale reigned supreme last year, but will they win again?

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The Entertainment Daily Awards are back and after your votes to crown your favourites in the TV, soap and showbiz world!

Today we’re urging you to vote for the big one: Best Soap.

The world of soap keeps us gripped day after day for 52 weeks a year. From high drama and shock love triangles to murder, cheating, illness, break-ups, babies and blackmail, soaps have got it all!

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Who wins? It’s up to you! (Credit: ED!)

Who is nominated for Best Soap in 2023?

Of course, you can choose from the big four – Emmerdale, EastEnders, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks are right there at the top. But if you’re an Aussie soap fan, never fear because Neighbours and Home and Away are also in the mix. But which one will you go for?

Last year Emmerdale won big and grabbed the top spot in all four soap categories. Mark Charnock, who plays Marlon Dingle, told us: “It’s kind of thrilling to win the viewer votes. You’re doing it for the viewers so it means so much more coming from them, that reaction.”

But will the Yorkshire-set soap hold on to their crown?

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EastEnders has definitely had a brilliant year (Credit: ITV/ED!)

EastEnders has had a huge year with the shock return of Cindy Beale, plus the comeback of rapist Dean Wicks and attempted rape of Stacey Slater. And with the big finale coming up at Christmas as we finally find out who dies at the hands of The Six after that epic flashforward in February, something tells us they’re the ones to beat!

But Coronation Street are also coming in strong. The acid attack at the start of the year, that saw Ryan save Daisy from Justin’s wrath and end up with life-changing injuries himself, was simply brilliant television viewing. And who can forget the reign of terror of Stephen Reid, who finally got his comeuppance last month?

Coronation Street logo for the ED! Awards best soap catergory
Has Corrie done enough? (Credit: ITV/ED!)

Emmerdale isn’t fairing too badly either. The Mack/Charity/Chloe love triangle continues to rumble on, Lydia’s rape was tough viewing, and Kim’s horse turning murderer was quite a genius move. But is it enough to hold on to the top spot?

Hollyoaks continues on in typical bonkers fashion, with the murder of Rayne Royce currently gripping viewers. Who did it? And is it enough to get your vote?

Emmerdale show logo comp image for best soap nominee in Entertainment Daily Awards 2023
Emmerdale triumphed last year, but can they do it again? (Credit: ITV/ED!)

Meanwhile, Neighbours made a triumphant return to Amazon Freevee in September. It was all change as Toadie married Terese! But has the comeback been a big hit with you?

And finally Home and Away – another Aussie favourite that Channel 5 has made sure to keep. Are you a loyal fan?

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Carena Crawford
Associate Editor (Soaps)