Ian Beale’s tumultuous love life: EastEnders character’s six marriages

Ian has been married many times

Ian Beale has been married many times in EastEnders. But how many wives has he had?

In tonight’s episode of the BBC soap (Friday, January 22), Sharon tries to poison Ian.

Sharon found out about Ian’s part in her son Dennis’s death last year. Over the last few months Sharon and her ex-husband Phil have been plotting to kill Ian.

Ian stares at Sharon suspiciously on EastEnders
Sharon is Ian’s 5th wife (Credit: BBC)

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Recently Sharon and Ian got married as part of her and Phil’s plan. But how many times has Ian Beale been married?

How many times has Ian been married?

During his nearly 36 years in EastEnders, Ian has had six marriages to five women.

Ian’s first wife was Cindy Williams. He and Cindy got engaged, however after a one-night stand with Simon Wicks, she fell pregnant with baby Steven.

Cindy Beale in EastEnders
Cindy died giving birth to her daughter (Credit: BBC)

After Steven’s birth, Cindy left Walford with her son. But she later returned and she and Ian reconciled. Ian and Cindy became parents to twins Lucy and Peter Beale.

Eventually Cindy hired a hitman to kill Ian after he won custody of their children. Cindy then left for Italy and returned pregnant with another man’s baby.

She was jailed on remand for her involvement in Ian’s shooting. However during her time in prison, she died in childbirth giving birth to daughter Cindy Williams Jr.

Ian and Mel’s wedding ended in disaster (Credit: BBC)

Ian’s second wife was Mel Healy (aka Mel Owen).They got engaged but she cheated on him with Steve Owen. When he suspected she planned to leave him, Ian lied telling his new wife Lucy had lymphoma.

But Mel found out that Lucy was healthy during their wedding reception and soon split.

Ian’s marriages to Laura, Jane and Sharon

Ian then began a relationship with his nanny Laura and they married in 2001. But like his last marriages, it wasn’t smooth sailing.

After learning Ian had been visiting Janine Butcher, Laura decided to forgive Ian on the condition they had a baby. But Ian had a secret vasectomy. He later threw Laura out when learning she was pregnant.

But when she gave birth to baby Bobby, he needed a blood transfusion. As her lover, Gary Hobbs, wasn’t a match she realised Ian was Bobby’s father.


In 2004, Laura slipped on one of Bobby’s toys and fell down the stairs breaking his neck.

Ian began dating Jane Collins shortly after her arrival the same year. She became a mother figure to his son Bobby.

They originally planned to marry in front of family and friends. But Ian found out Jane cheated with Grant Mitchell and planned to humiliate her at the wedding. When she learnt of this plan she fled.

Ian soon found her and they realised how much they loved each other and married in secret.

Jane left Albert Square in 2017 (Credit: BBC)

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However they were on and off over the years. They ended up remarrying in 2015.

It was revealed shortly after their wedding that 10-year-old Bobby killed his sister Lucy the year before, and Ian helped move Lucy’s body.

Jane and Ian split and she left the Square in 2017.

Last year Sharon married Ian as part of her revenge plot. But will they stay married long if she wants him dead?

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