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Emmerdale’s Caleb Miligan exposed with a mysterious agenda

Chas and Cain's brother is up to something - but what?

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In last night’s Emmerdale Caleb Miligan was finally exposed as a wrong’un, but what is he hiding?

It’s been obvious for weeks Cain and Chas’ long-lost brother was too good to be true and now it’s been confirmed after he made a mystery phone call.

So who was he calling – and why?

Emmerdale's Caleb makes a phone call in his car at night
Who was Caleb talking to? (Credit: ITV)

Caleb’s mystery phone call

After Cain finally agreed to make peace with Caleb, it seemed the family reunion was on track.

However, at the end of the episode, which aired on Thursday February 2, Caleb made a phone call.

He told the person on the other end of the line they were ‘making headway’ and ‘reeling Cain in’ so it wouldn’t be long before they got ‘exactly what they want’.

But what does that mean? What do they want?!

Why is he targetting Cain? And who is he working with?

Here’s all the theories about Caleb and what he is hiding in Emmerdale.

What is Caleb hiding in Emmerdale?

Caleb glares at Cain, who is sitting in the prison visiting room on Emmerdale
Caleb worked to get Cain out of prison, but why? (Credit: ITV)

1. An undercover cop?

From his arrival Caleb immediately became invested in Kyle killing Al.

But is that because he’s an undercover cop wanting to bring down the Dingles?

Kyle might be out on bail, but he’s not free just yet – could this all be part of Caleb’s police plan?

After last night’s revelation, fans are convinced this is what’s going on.

“I reckon Caleb is with undercover police to get justice for Al’s murder or something like that,” share one.

Another questioned: “Am I the only one that thinks Caleb is a undercover copper?”

“Caleb looking like an undercover cop felt like it was coming for a while… HE PROBABLY ISN’T EVEN THE REAL CALEB DINGLE – I bet the real Caleb died!!!” said another.

Emmerdale's Nicky is smiling at Home Farm
Nicky is the perfect nanny – but that must mean he’s dodgy! (Credit: ITV)

2. Working with Nicky

Viewers have felt for the last couple of weeks Nicky is working with Caleb.

He arrived at Home Farm as Mr Nice Guy, but fans are convinced it’s just too good to be true.

Nicky was at the centre of the mix-up with Will’s watch earlier this week, and Caleb also got involved with the situation.

Are they working together? And if so, why?

Viewers have plenty of theorie, including that Caleb and Nicky are father and son!

“Caleb, I think he’s definitely Nicky’s father/ brother (not Cain or Chas’s brother),” said one, before adding: “Caleb is working undercover on Cain for Joe Tate after Joe got punched by Cain. Joe also never liked Kim and always wanted to get revenge on her.”

Someone else added: “Soooo I think Caleb and Nicky are working for Joe Tate going after Cain and Kim. (fingers crossed it means Joe coming back!)”

“Could Nanny Nicky be Caleb’s son??” asked a third.

A fourth also mused: “Wonder if Caleb and Nicky are related?”

emmerdale al chapman
Al was killed by Kyle, but does Caleb know him? (Credit: ITV)

3. Connected to Al

Caleb grew up in care.

Al Chapman also grew up in care.

Could they have known each other? Be friends or even foster brothers?

And is Caleb here to get revenge for Al’s death?

“Al was in care, Caleb was in care. Caleb shows up not long after Al’s death? Could he actually be Al’s foster brother out for revenge potentially? Stranger things have definitely happened, that’s for sure,” shared one Twitter user.

Another agreed: “I have an Emmerdale PLOT TWIST THEORY: Hear me out ok, extremely unlikely but what if Al is still alive on Emmerdale and Caleb is working with him in some sort of way to get revenge!? After all, they both have a foster home background in common or Caleb is on revenge for Al?”

Caleb talking to Kim at Home Farm on Emmerdale
Caleb is up to something, we just don’t know what – yet! (Credit: ITV)

4. He’s trying to steal Cain’s life

Revenge has to be in Caleb‘s mind.

He was denied the opportunity to know his mother by Cain 30 years ago and now Faith is dead he’ll never get that chance again.

Cain finally seems preparing to make peace with Caleb, but will it backfire when he loses everything?

Is Caleb’s plan to strip Cain of everything he has and leave him with nothing? And if so, who is he working with to do it? Who else hates Cain this much?

“Do you think Caleb is out to take Cain’s family from him, leaving him alone?” questioned one fan.

“He’s already bought the two boys with Christmas presents. He’s flattering a vulnerable Moira. Will she fall for it or realise what’s going on?”

There’s no love lost between these brothers (Credit: ITV)

5. He’s planning to kill Cain

As Cain continues to get heavy handed with his brother to get rid of him, will Caleb turn the tables and kill him?

In scenes earlier this month, Caleb made it very clear if he was to kill Cain he’d get away with it.

“Just so you know: through a little bit of good luck and a lot of good judgement, I don’t have the tiniest blemish on my record,” Caleb explained.

“So if all this reaches some sort of ridiculous crescendo and I end up doing something terrible to you, I’ll be walking away.

“You maybe bear that in mind.”

Was that a threat he intends to follow through?

Emmerdale Faith looks pale and concerned
Is Caleb lying about his true identity? (Credit: ITV)

6. He’s not Faith’s son

It would be an unforgiveable lie, but what if he’s not Cain and Chas’s brother after all?

Could he be pretending?

No one has asked for a DNA test and fans have picked up on it.

“What if this Caleb is not actually Faith’s son/ Cain’s brother and is a imposter?” they queried on Twitter.

Someone else also suggested they should have a DNA test: “Caleb’s too smug and a DNA test would be good since there’s only his word that he’s Faith’s son.”

So if he’s not really Caleb, then who is he?

Caleb smiling as he talks on Emmerdale
Does he really have as much money as he’s making out? (Credit: ITV)

7. He’s actually broke and wants to swindle cash

Recent scenes saw Caleb open his wallet – and it surprised fans.

They couldn’t understand why it was so battered.

But is that they key?

Is the wallet evidence Caleb is actually broke and is here to swindle both the Dingles and Kim to get his fortune back?

“Did anyone else see Caleb’s wallet looking a bit worse for wear?

“Maybe he’s broke and wants to swindle the village out of some cash…” predicted one fan.

WHO is Chloe’s dad? (Credit: ITV)

8. Is Caleb Chloe and Amy’s dad?

Chloe Harris is another villager with a mysterious past.

We know her adoptive dad ‘Damon’ is very rich and very dangerous.

We also believe he’s in prison, but what if he’s not? What if he’s been released and headed to the village?

As far as we know Caleb and Chloe‘s paths haven’t crossed on screen yet…

One fan wrote: “Caleb is clearly Amy and Chloe’s dad – they said he would be linked to other pasts in the village, Kerry returns and then boom.”

Another viewer tweeted: “Emmerdale viewers, a question: we’ve never seen Chloe’s dad, I’m guessing it’s Caleb, anyone else think the same? Also, am I right in saying Kerry told Amy that Chloe’s dad is the same person as her dad?”

Could this be why he’s so keen to get Kyle out of prison: is Kyle his grandson?

Caleb talking to Moira on Emmerdale
Moira’s been caught out before in a revenge plot against Cain (Credit: ITV)

9. Caleb wants to steal Moira

Cain’s wife, Moira, certainly has form for cheating on her husband.

When his long-lost son, Nate Robinson, arrived in town he set about seducing Moira in order to steal her from Cain and ruin his life.

It worked and Moira fell for the plot.

Is Caleb planning the same thing? Fans seem to think so!

“I call it here, now. Caleb will sleep with Moira, just you wait and see,” said one.

Another added: “How long before Moira and Caleb sleep together?”

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