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OPINION: Emmerdale: Stop blaming Noah’s actions on his age – he’s an adult

Noah needs to face the consequences of his actions

In Emmerdale, Noah Dingle’s creepy behaviour reached a pinnacle point when he began stalking Chloe Harris.

When his mother Charity learnt of his actions, she tried to stop Chloe going from the police, saying he was just a kid.

Although Charity did eventually report her son’s crimes to the police, she has been begging for people to go easy on him.

Why should they? He did the crime, it’s time to face his punishment.

Here is what Entertainment Daily soap writer Charlotte Rodrigues thinks.

Noah and Chloe stare into each other's eyes
Noah had been stalking Chloe for weeks (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Stop blaming Noah’s actions on his age – he’s an adult

Over the last year we’ve seen Noah’s creepy behaviour becoming increasingly worse.

However he really upped his game when it came to his strange obsession over ex-girlfriend Chloe Harris.

Not only did he put a tracker on her phone, he broke into her bedroom, put a microphone in there and took pictures of her sleeping with his drone. Not creepy at all.

And of course when Charity found out she threw the age card in there to try and defend him, because apparently all 18-year-olds think stalking and harassment is a normal way to get someone’s affection.

Well I’ve got some shocking news for you Charity – Noah isn’t a child and obsessing over someone to the point of stalking is not normal at any age.

It annoys me beyond belief that she expects people to go easy on him because he just turned 18.

At the age of 18, you should know right from wrong and you should certainly know that it is completely unacceptable to stalk and harass someone.

Even Noah’s friends and family members who are younger than him can see just how wrong his actions were.

Stop trying to use his age as a defence. It’s disgusting.

Noah knows what his mother has been through as well when it comes to creepy men, so he should definitely have known what he was doing was not right.

Creepy knicker sniffer!

Emmerdale nervous Noah appears in court
Noah deserves to go to prison for what he did (Credit: ITV)

Give Noah jail time

Some may disagree with me and say jail time is too harsh, however, I think Noah  deserves it.

He needs to learn his lesson and stop expecting everyone to go easy on him because he’s sweet little Noah.

Stalking and harassment isn’t something that can just be easily forgotten.

Poor Chloe will have to live with what Noah did for the rest of her life, fearing someone else could do the same.

The least Noah deserves is to spend some time behind bars.

Emmerdale Charity is appalled when Noah says he doesn't want to plead guilty
Charity, you need to stop using Noah’s age to defend his actions (Credit: ITV)

Praise for Jack Downham, Emma Atkins and Jessie Elland

As normal I would like to end my article on a positive note, giving praise to Jack Downham, Emma Atkins and Jessie Elland.

It’s not an easy storyline to portray and for Jack I can imagine it’s not nice to have to portray a character who’s committed such disgusting crimes.

However he is doing an outstanding job playing Noah and it’s good to see the character have his own plot, even if it is something quite shocking.

It will be interesting to see where they go next with Noah. Personally I think it will be very hard to redeem him. But these kind of storylines do need to be told.

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