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Emmerdale: ‘Why Liam and Cain’s friendship is the best thing about the soap right now’

Cain and Liam's friendship has grown over the last few months

Emmerdale characters Cain and Liam have sparked up a good friendship over the last few months.

Their relationship has grown and blossomed, but why does Emmerdale need this friendship?

This is what Entertainment Daily writer Charlotte Rodrigues thinks.

OPINION: Emmerdale: ‘Why Liam and Cain’s friendship is the best thing about the soap right now’

We have started to see Cain and Liam grow closer. Cain is the village bad boy who is well-known for committing crimes and Liam is the sweet doctor with a heart of gold.

It’s become clear Liam sort of sees Cain as a bit of a role model and although Cain is the tough criminal who doesn’t seem to like many people, he seems to have a soft spot for Liam.

They’re two characters you would never put together as friends, but their scenes together are incredible.

Cain and Liam have built up a friendship (Credit: ITV)

Back in July, Liam was left absolutely heartbroken when his daughter Leanna was found dead. Liam began pushing everyone away as he struggled with his grief.

However Cain was there for Liam in his own way. In a short scene we saw Cain approach Liam at the cricket pavilion and offer him a beer.

As Cain isn’t the best at dealing with emotions, it was nice to see him show Liam that he was there for him, even if it was in a gesture rather than words.

Liam definitely brings out a softer side to Cain, which let’s face it, we all love to see.

It proves Soapland doesn’t need to be all murderers, gangsters, affairs and nasty plots. Good character pairings can work just as well and be just as, if not even more, watchable.

Emmerdale: ‘Cain truly cares about Liam’

Emmerdale Cain is worried to see Al approaching his car with Kyle and Kerry
Cain has been there for Liam in his toughest times (Credit: ITV)

Back in November Cain helped Liam out with his allotment, however the next day Cain didn’t turn up to help Liam again.

Cain later told Liam he was busy, but Liam was clearly upset and told Cain he didn’t have to be his friend.

The two later made up and Cain brought his pal some Delphiniums, knowing that they were Leanna’s favourite flowers.

This was an extremely touching moment to see as it shows Cain truly does care about Liam.

Although he doesn’t always show it, he does love his kids, his wife Moira and his family.

But now it’s good to see him extend that love to a friend. It seems like Liam may have been that missing piece from Cain’s life and vice versa.

We love to see it!

Seeing the roles reversed

While we know Liam is the sweet one and Cain is the village bad boy, it would be interesting to see the roles changed up.

Liam found out Meena killed Leanna (Credit: ITV)

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Recently Liam found out that Leanna’s death was no accident – she was murdered by Meena Jutla.

He was enraged when he found out the truth and it has become clear he wants Meena dead.

It would be good to see Cain be the one to try and calm Liam down and have the roles reversed.

It’s always interesting to see a change in characters and I really think it would be great to see Cain continue to support Liam through this hard time.

‘We need to see a Cain and Liam spin-off’

Of course we want to see more Cain and Liam scenes.

It would be good to see them have a storyline together. Although we know Liam is no criminal, I think it would be funny to see him get involved in one of Cain’s schemes.

We need more Cain and Liam scenes in the future (Credit: ITV)

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I don’t known about the rest of the Emmerdale fans, but I also want to see a spin-off with Liam and Cain.

Perhaps they have to go on a road trip to get some stuff for Butler’s Farm and end up encountering a few issues.

I’m here for it!

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