Seb Franklin in Coronation Street

Coronation Street’s Seb Franklin: A tribute to the beloved character

It has been a year since Seb's death

Seb Franklin in Coronation Street was brutally murdered last year, in heart-stopping scenes that left viewers sobbing.

The kind-hearted builder was attacked by a gang of teenage thugs exactly a year ago.

Seb was attacked by Corey Brent, when he was with his girlfriend Nina Lucas. Nina survived the vicious beating, but poor Seb didn’t.

So who was Seb and what was his story?

Seb was popular with viewers (Credit: ITV)

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Who played Seb Franklin in Coronation Street?

Seb Franklin was played by actor Harry Visinoni, who is now 22. Harry made his TV debut in an episode of Doctors and then joined Corrie in 2016.

Harry’s family on his dad’s side, hail from the Italian Alps and he’s a keen snowboarder.

His mum Lucy was a champion ice dancer back in the 1980s. winning and his sister Lydia is following in her footsteps.

Harry Visinoni played Seb Franklin on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

And Harry’s brother, Alex, is the drummer in Manchester band The Perps.

Quite the talented family!

Who is Seb Franklin in Coronation Street?

Seb is the son of Abi Franklin and Tez Wyatt.

He is also the older half-brother of Abi’s children Charlie, Lexi and Alfie.

It is also thought Seb has another half-sister on his dad’s side of the family.

Seb was born on March 6 2001 and died on May 7 2022.

When did Seb first arrive in Coronation Street?

Seb first appeared in Weatherfield as a love interest for Faye Windass. Faye’s mum Anna didn’t like him at first – especially when he got into trouble for attacking the father of teenage Faye’s baby.

But Anna eventually warmed to Seb, when she discovered he was a carer for his young siblings and trying to cope with his drug addict mum, Abi Franklin.

Seb and Pat Phelan

Seb Franklin began working for Pat Phelan as a labourer on Coronation Street. And when Seb fell from a ladder, evil Phelan convinced him Anna was to blame.

But Seb eventually saw through Phelan’s lies, and he stood up to Phelan in court, leaving him in danger from the Cobbles killer.

Brave Seb worked with Gary Windass to expose Phelan as the villain he was.

Seb and Alina were cute together but they didn’t last (Credit: ITV)

Seb and Alina

As if bringing down a serial killer wasn’t enough, Seb got involved with a people trafficking ring when he met Alina Pop at a nail bar.

Seb was smitten with Alina, but he was horrified to discover she was living in awful conditions, in a type of modern slavery.

Seb was convinced Jan Lozinski – a fellow builder and love interest for Eileen Grimshaw – was involved in the people trafficking ring, and dobbed him in to the police.

But Jan turned out to be a police informant, and Alina was rescued.

She returned to the Street about a year later, but was sad to discover Seb had moved on with Emma Brooker.

Seb’s tragic love life

The builder had a relationship before coming to the cobbles with a girl named Lacey.

Lacey was HIV positive but she never knew. Lacey was knocked off her bike in an accident and killed, and it was only after she died that doctors found out she had HIV.

Seb discovered he was HIV positive when he was with Faye.

While with Faye, Seb developed a crush on Sarah Platt for a while, but she didn’t share his feelings. Soon he and Faye broke up and he went on to have relationships with Alina and Emma Brooker.

But he eventually found happiness with Nina Lucas, Roy Cropper’s niece.

Seb fell hard for Nina (Credit: ITV)

The pair fell in love in a whirlwind romance and were planning a future together.

But Nina was a target for bullies, due to her appearance. And when they came across a group of teens – led by thuggish Corey Brent – things took a nasty turn.

As Seb and Nina hurried away, the gang, including Corey, and Kelly Neelan, gave chase.

They pushed the pair to the ground and began raining punches down on them.

Nina pulled through, but Seb didn’t recover from his injuries. Nina was devastated and mum Abi fell apart.

Abi was devastated by her son’s murder (Credit: ITV)

Aftermath of Seb’s attack

While Kelly was the one who first slapped Nina and was part of the verbal abuse, she was horrified when Corey and his mates began beating Seb and Nina.

Kelly ran away from the scene and was later arrested and charged with Seb’s murder.

It went to trial and Kelly was found guilty of murder, meanwhile Corey got off.

However it was eventually proved that Corey was the one who murdered Seb and he went to prison.

Abi gave birth to baby Alfie this year (Credit: ITV)

Abi and baby Alfie

When Corey was found not guilty, Abi ended up having a one-night-stand with Imran.

Imran told girlfriend Toyah that he cheated but not who with. Abi suspected she might be pregnant with Imran’s child, however a test came back negative.

Later Abi’s husband Kevin found out she cheated and kicked her out.

Earlier this year Abi was stunned when she went into labour and gave birth to a baby boy.

She named her son Alfie after Seb’s favourite Teddy bear. She has since been battling for custody of her son.

This week, the judge gave custody of Alfie to Imran, leaving Abi devastated.

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