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TikTok user shares chilling theory Martin Fowler is the Christmas victim – and has compelling evidence

Will Martin live to see the year out?

In just a few months time someone in Walford will live the last of their days, breathing their last breath this Christmas.

Many people have speculated on who the Christmas death victim could be.

However, a TikTok user has now shared a chilling theory that Martin Fowler is the EastEnders Christmas victim – and has some compelling evidence.

Martin had always been on to Theo (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Martin wants to protect Stacey from Theo

Martin was suspicious of Theo before anyone else was but nobody believed him when he shared his concerns.

However, he then went to Theo’s old work place and started quizzing a member of staff about him.

The receptionist eventually agreed to meet up with him and Eve, telling him that Theo had stalked her friend.

It was because of his actions that her friend had committed suicide, leading Martin and Eve to realise that Theo was Stacey’s stalker.

Martin sent Stacey a warning message and then Theo was forced to admit everything to a shocked Stacey.

Now, as Theo continues to be a threat to Stacey, Lily and Charli by living next door to them, Martin could easily go to extreme lengths to protect his loved ones.

But, could Martin be putting himself in huge danger as he takes on Theo?

EastEnders' Stacey and Denise are in the flashforward scene in The Vic at Christmas
The TikTok theory makes a lot of sense (Credit: BBC)

TikTok fan theory: Martin to die at Christmas?

Over on TikTok, one user – @itstullz – shared a video convincing fans on why they think that Martin Fowler will be the Christmas victim.

Analysing the flashforward scene, they noticed that the song playing in the background was East 17’s Stay Another Day.

They then noticed that there was also a crackling fire in the background behind Stacey as she looked horrified with blood on her hands.

Taking things back in time, the fan then showed viewers the last scene of the 2019 Christmas Day episode.


Key clue to who might be dead on Eastenders at Christmas?! #eastenders #eastenderstiktok

♬ original sound – Tullz

East 17’s Stay Another Day was playing as the camera zoomed in on a fire. Behind the fire was Martin.

The fan then explained that this could mean that Martin is the dead body.

However, they reckon that none of The Six actually kill him. Instead, Theo may be the true killer.

The TikToker explained: “What I think may have happened is Theo’s tried to attack Stacey, everyone’s come to her defence, and they’ve had a big fight and Theo has got injured.

“And then Martin comes in and then it becomes a personal brawl between Martin and Theo and quickly that ends and Theo kills Martin.”

Could Theo kill Martin? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Could Theo kill Martin at Christmas?

Martin will do anything to keep Stacey safe and it would be easy for him to get in some kind of fight as a result.

But, could things soon escalate between Martin and Theo? Could Theo end up killing Martin on Christmas Day as he gets more sinister? The TikToker does have a very convincing theory!

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Flash-Forward 1st Time In Eastenders History | Monday 20th February 2023

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