Abi Webster looking annoyed and worried in Corrie

Abi Webster’s tumultuous year on Coronation Street and her off-screen absence explained

Abi hasn't been seen in a while

Abi Webster has been in Coronation Street since 2017, however she has been off-screen recently.

Where has Abi gone and why is actress Sally Carman-Duttine off-screen? And when will she be back?

Abi has been off-screen for a while (Credit: ITV)

What has happened to Abi Webster in the last year?

Over the last year, Abi has been through a lot.

Last year in May, Abi’s son Seb died after he and his girlfriend Nina were attacked by Corey Brent and his friends.

Kelly Neelan, who slapped Nina just before the attack, was found guilty of killing Seb, however Corey was the one who actually attacked him.

When Corey was found not guilty, Abi had a one-night-stand with Kelly’s solicitor, Imran Habeeb.

Eventually it was proved that Corey was the one who murdered Seb and he went to prison.

But after Abi’s husband Kevin found out she cheated, it looked like their relationship was over.

Abi turned to drugs again but she got a shock when she went into labour.

She gave birth to a son who she called Alfie. She decided she would get off drugs and focus on being a mother to Alfie.

Abi gave birth to a son (Credit: ITV)

Abi entered a custody battle with Alfie’s dad Imran and his wife Toyah.

However Imran began lying that Abi was still on drugs and paid for a man called Ben to say he saw Abi buying drugs.

When Toyah found out what Imran had done, she was so angry she crashed her car into a wall.

Imran died after suffering cardiac arrested.

Meanwhile Abi and Kevin got back together.

The courts granted custody of Alfie to Abi as long as she and Alfie stayed with a foster parent until they were certain she could look after Alfie by herself.

After staying with Wendy Papadopoulos for a few months, Abi and Alfie moved back into Kevin’s house.

Coronation Street Kevin and Abi Webster cuddle on the sofa
Abi and Kevin are back together (Credit: ITV)

Where is Abi in Coronation Street?

Abi has not been seen on-screen for some time. However this could be because she spent a good year at the centre of some huge storylines.

Sally Carman-Duttine, who plays Abi, said earlier this year that it ‘had gone quiet script-wise’ and she was ‘happy to take a back seat.’

Speaking to Digital Spy at the British Soap Awards about what’s coming up for Abi, Sally said: “The brilliant thing about the producers is that unless you actually specifically ask [what’s coming up], they don’t tell you.

“I never ask because I can’t hold my own water, so the less I know, the better. Or else I’d just be telling you everything – which might be good for you, not so good for me.

“So I actually don’t know, but I know it’s gone quite quiet script-wise, so I’m guessing that she’s going to be happy for a bit. Which suits me fine.”

She continued: “I’ve had so many big storylines, I think people need a break. So I’m quite happy to take a back seat for a bit.”

Sally recently got married to her co-star Joe Duttine and it appears she’s taking a break.

Abi will have strong opinions when she returns (Credit: ITV)

When is Abi back in Coronation Street?

Abi will appear in scenes during the week of December 12.

Due to the World Cup messing with the soap’s schedules, Corrie has not confirmed which day she will be back.

However, she is set to cause trouble for Tyrone as he plans a surprise wedding for Fiz.

Tyrone has proposed and wants to plan the wedding for Christmas Day.

However when he goes with Gemma to buy a dress, Abi isn’t impressed with his choice.

As Ty and Gemma show off the garment, Abi makes her feelings clear as she tells Tyrone it’s hideous and Fiz will hate it.

Fortunately for Tyrone Beth agrees to make alterations – but can she do enough to make it wearable?

Meanwhile, what else will Abi get up to now she’s back on screens?

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