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Emmerdale’s Alex Moore: Dawn’s ex and Clemmie’s dad causes turmoil

Liam has been in another popular soap

Alex arrived in Emmerdale last year and has caused nothing but trouble for Dawn and Billy.

But who plays him? When did Alex arrive in Emmerdale and is he Clemmie’s dad?

Emmerdale Alex demands worried Dawn deal drugs for him
 Alex is Dawn’s ex-boyfriend (Credit: ITV)

Who is Alex Moore in Emmerdale?

Alex is the ex-boyfriend of Dawn Taylor and father of Lucas Taylor and Clemmie Reed.

Before Dawn’s life in the village, she struggled with addiction and ended up falling pregnant with Lucas.

Meanwhile Alex was secretly having an affair with Dawn’s best friend Beth.

Beth was also an addict and Dawn was confused when she stopped hearing from Beth.

After Beth died earlier this year, Dawn went to her funeral and discovered Beth had a daughter called Clemmie.

Clemmie was left in the care of drug addict Jade when Beth died. But Jade had Clemmie sleeping in a dog bed.

When Dawn saw the conditions Clemmie was living in she got her out of there.

But later she discovered that the reason she stopped hearing from Beth was because she fell pregnant with Alex’s child, Clemmie.

Clemmie and Lucas are Alex’s children (Credit: ITV)

Alex’s arrival in the village

Alex turned up at Dawn Taylor‘s door in last year and told Harriet he was an old boyfriend of Dawn’s.

Alex told Harriet that many years ago he badgered Dawn into trying heroin, wanting her to be an addict like him and he regrets what he did.

He wanted to get to know his son and Dawn agreed.

However when Meena Jutla lied to Alex saying that Dawn was selling drugs, Harriet was an alcoholic and Billy went to prison for GBH.

Alex tried to kidnap Lucas but he didn’t get too far.

Dawn warned Alex to keep away from Lucas.

However he returned again this year trying to rope Dawn into selling drugs.

She called the police on him and he was put in prison.

And after she found out Clemmie was Alex’s child, she visited Alex in prison to try and get him to agree to her and Billy fostering the little girl.

He agreed and now Clemmie lives with Dawn, Lucas and Billy.

However now Alex is out of prison, it looks like he will try to cause more trouble for Dawn.

Who plays Alex in Emmerdale?

Alex is played by 37-year-old actor Liam Boyle.

Liam played Abe in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

What has Liam Boyle been in?

Emmerdale isn’t the first soap Liam Boyle has been in. Coronation Street fans may recognise him from when he played Abe Crowley in 2019.

Abe was an inmate of Highfield Prison and the cellmate of David Platt.

He is also well-known for playing Dominic Bailey in ITV series Scott & Bailey.

Between 2006 and 2007 he played Darren Fairhurst in Drop Dead Gorgeous and in 2008 he played Charlie Green in Spooks: Code 9.

He has also had roles in Shameless, The Bill, Casualty and Doctors.

You may also recognise him from his role Louie in Skins: Rise which he starred in alongside Jack O’Connell.

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