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Nicky Wheatley returns to Coronation Street – here’s the lowdown on who she is

Kimberly auditioned for Corrie before landing the role of Nicky

Nicky Wheatley returns to Coronation Street tonight as Daniel fights to clear his name over missing Lauren. But is Nicky’s return about to get him in even more trouble?

It’s fair to say Nicky has caused rather a lot of strife for Daniel over the years. Here’s everything that’s happened during her Corrie stints.

Corrie character Nicky first appeared in 2020 (Credit: ITV)

Who is Nicky Wheatley in Coronation Street?

Nicky arrived in June 2020 after meeting Daniel Osbourne at an event. He soon found out she was an escort and the two began meeting up.

Daniel was still struggling with the loss of his wife, Sinead, who died in 2019 after a battle with cervical cancer.

Nicky would dress in Sinead’s clothes so Daniel could talk to her. Nicky and Daniel started growing closer and began seeing each other.

When Nicky had debts to settle, Daniel stole money from Geoff Metcalfe and gave it to Nicky to sort out her financial issues and start new somewhere with her daughter.

Nicky left the cobbles, but then she returned to Weatherfield in 2022. She was training to be a teacher and took a job at Daniel’s school as a teaching assistant.

Her presence angered Daniel’s then-girlfriend, Daisy Midgeley. She made it very clear how she felt about Nicky and Daniel spending time together.

When explicit photos and videos of Nicky’s time as a sex worker were spread around the school, Daisy was the prime suspect. In fact it was Max Turner who leaked them. Despite her pleas it was in her past, Nicky was fired and left Weatherfield.

She was later seen being collected by Peter Barlow in a taxi from the police station. Fans had wondered if the pair would have an affair, but it came to nothing.

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This could make things worse for Daniel! (Credit: ITV)

Why is Nicky back?

Nicky returns to Coronation Street tonight (Friday April 19) after Daniel calls her. With rumours circulating that Lauren was a sex worker, and Daniel one of two suspects in the frame he’s desperate to find out what really happened to Lauren and clear his name.

Nicky, now a community support worker, brings with her a woman who still works on the streets. As they talk, Max and Bobby, who have followed Daniel, take pictures of them. They believe this means Daniel is guilty.

Will Nicky be able to provide any insight to help Daniel? Or is her return just going to make everything worse?

Of her return actress Kimberly Hart-Simpson said: “It’s been four years since we first met Nicky and it is once again a pleasure to be back on the cobbles.”

She added: “Nicky has fought against all stereotypes and I am looking forward to the audience finding out who and where she is today.”

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Kimberly is thrilled to be back on Corrie (Credit:

Who plays Nicky Wheatley in Coronation Street?

Nicky is played by actress Kimberly Hart-Simpson. Kimberly was born on May 28 1987 in Wales. She is 36 years old.

Kimberly has previously revealed she is a huge fan of the soap and revealed she ‘manifested’ her Corrie return.

As reported in The Sun, she said: “Well this isn’t for everyone but I like vision boards, the things I like in my life I want to see on the daily, it gives me direction and purpose.

“And on the day that I got the call from Corrie I had made a vision board including the 10 things that I wanted in my life at that time, and Corrie went back on there.”

She then revealed within two hours she got the call asking if she wanted to go back.

Kimberly has had parts in other shows. In 2020 she was in the TV movie Cinderella Live playing Dandini. In 2021 she played Emily in the short film A Broken Family, Together.

Who did Kimberly Hart-Simpson play in Hollyoaks?

Kimberly has also had two roles in Hollyoaks.

In 2017, she played a character called Davina.

In 2020 she played Beverley. Beverley was Maxine Minniver’s cruel landlady. When Maxine struggled to pay her rent, Beverley instructed some heavies to take Maxine’s belongings.

Eventually, Maxine was able to start paying Beverley back.

Coronation Street Nicky is upset after images of her are plastered over school
Nicky’s time on the cobbles hasn’t always been happy (Credit: ITV)

Kimberly Hart-Simpson revealed it was her dad’s dying wish for her to be on Corrie

Kimberly has previously revealed that it was her dad’s dying wish for her to be on Coronation Street. The actress grew up watching every episode of the ITV soap with her Corrie-mad dad Kevin.

Kevin tragically died 15 years ago from a form of bone cancer, leaving her heartbroken.

Kimberly explained: “When I was growing up my dad was obsessed with Corrie; his whole day was structured around watching it and nobody was allowed to phone when it was on.

“The reason I’ve been hellbent on getting a job on the show was because before he died, Dad said to me, ‘Get in Corrie, love.'”

She added: “I’ve auditioned for so many roles I can’t even remember them all. But now they’ve finally managed to find the right role for me and it’s a dream come true!”


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Is Kimberly Hart-Simpson single? Is she still dating Shane Finlayson?

Kimberly met Shane Finlayson on Celebs Go Dating and they started a relationship.

However in 2021, after six months together, Kimberly confirmed on Instagram that she and Shane had split.

She told her Instagram followers: “After six months of dating, Shane and I have decided to part ways. We are proud of our journey and respect each other immensely. The show has been the best experience.

“Our journey after that got even better but with the distance between us, work commitments and restrictions can naturally take its toll.

“Thank you for the love you have given us. It has not been wasted.”

It is believed that Kimberly is now single.

The actress has been open about her sexuality revealing she is pansexual. Pansexuality is sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity.

Speaking to the Mirror, she said: “I have dated people who are male, female, transgender.

“Gender is completely irrelevant to me. We’re all on different spectrums. There are many qualities about me I would deem just as much male as female. It’s about the person, not what sex they were born. I just fancy everybody.”

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