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Lachlan White’s crimes in Emmerdale: A complete list

From Belle to Priya and his entire family - there were a lot of crimes!

Lachlan White in Emmerdale was a twisted individual who is currently in prison. But with the news he’s being moved to a lower level security facility in Sheffield rocking his victims, we’ve been thinking back to everything he did.

His rap sheet is long – there were many, many crimes – but what exactly did he do to Belle? And how was Priya involved? And why is he inside?

Here’s a complete list of his crimes during his time in Emmerdale.

Robert Sugden, Chrissie White, Lawrence White Lachlan White pose on Home Farm staircase
Lachlan was part of the White family (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Who was Lachlan White in Emmerdale?

Lachlan ‘Lucky’ White was the son of Chrissie White and Donny Cairn. He arrived in Emmerdale in 2014 when he was 14 years old.

Part of the White family, headed up by rich businessman, Lawrence, Lachlan was troubled. To say the least.

Prior to his arrival in Emmerdale his behaviour had been difficult. Aged four he killed a bird and aged five he gave his aunt a dried up frog for her birthday.

But when he came to live in the Dales, things slowly got even more serious…

Alicia in Emmerdale looks terrified and upset as she walks away from Lachlan White
Alicia was traumatised and left the village (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Who did Lachlan sexually assault?

Lachlan befriended Jacob Gallagher and Jacob’s mum, Alicia Metcalfe, felt sorry for him. She could see he was different and was kind to him.

But it soon became clear Lachlan was becoming infatuated with her. He bought her an expensive handbag as a Valentine’s Day present, which she returned and let him down as gently as she could.

When Alicia fell asleep on the sofa, Lachlan sexually assaulted her. Alicia woke up and threw him out, before calling the police. But he lied the relationship was consensual and Chrissie backed him up.

But when Chrissie later found evidence Lucky was lying, she called the cops herself and when Lachlan was kidnapped by Alicia’s husband David, he confessed. He was put on the sex offenders register for two years.

Did he kill his family?

Relations with his family were strained, with Lachlan blaming his mum for everything. He was supposed to go and live with his dad, but bad egg Donny was beaten up by loan sharks and left the village.

Lachlan went further off the rails – even trying to kill stepdad Robert Sugden. After a stint staying with his aunt Rebecca White, Lachlan came back and joined forces with Gabby Thomas to rob Pollard.

When Lawrence threw both Chrissie and Lachlan out, Lachlan went wild. He was 16 by this point and he broke into Home Farm and held his grandad hostage with a shotgun. A tussle saw Lawrence shot in the stomach. Chrissie arrived and framed her cheating boyfriend Andy Sugden for attempted murder.

Lachlan then threatened to tell everyone Robert Sugden sexually assaulted him. So Robert’s boyfriend Aaron Dingle kidnapped him and locked him the boot of a car.

When Lachlan finally confessed he had shot Lawrence, he was charged with attempted murder and perverting the course of justice.

By 2018, Lachlan was blackmailing his family to let him move in with girlfriend Belle Dingle, but instead Chrissie got Belle to break up with him.

Furious Lachlan confronted his mother but things took a turn when Robert kidnapped baby Seb (Lachlan’s cousin) and the family jumped in a car in hot pursuit. But raging Lachlan grabbed the steering wheel while they were going at high speed and sent the car into the path of a lorry.

Lawrence was killed instantly. Chrissie was trapped and died from a head injury moments after the crash. Lachlan’s aunt Rebecca had a head injury, but recovered. However Lucky manipulated her memory to get himself off the hook.

Gerry leans over in Emmerdale and moves a barrel as Lachlan White looks on
Poor Gerry fell victim to serial killer Lachlan (Credit: BBC)

Who else did he kill?

Lachlan moved in with Belle and the Dingles and they started their own company together. Priya was involved in selling their ale and close friend Gerry Roberts was helping with advertising.

But Lachlan had sent Gerry a voicemail on the day of the crash, and when Gerry started to get suspicious, he listened to it and heard everything.

Needing to keep his secret, Lachlan lured Gerry to the B&B which was closed for renovation. He then caused the support columns to collapse and the roof fell on Gerry and crushed him. But he survived and pleaded with Lachlan to spare his life – however, Lucky smacked him over the head with a rock and he died.

Lachlan let Doug Potts take the blame. However, when Terry came to the village claiming to be Gerry’s uncle, Lachlan had to act again. He murdered him (even though he turned out to be conman Paul Tozer) and buried him in Home Farm woods after he started receiving anonymous text messages.

It turned out the messages were actually from Liv Flaherty. He caused a carbon monoxide leak at her house – where Robert Sugden was also conveniently at the time. But Rebecca caught him out…

Although Robert and Liv survived, Rebecca’s fate was unknown for weeks. But then she was revealed to be alive and being held hostage by Lachlan.

Emmerdale: Priya is looking traumatised at Take a Vow
Priya was another of Lachlan’s would-be victims (Credit: ITV)

What did Lachlan do to Priya?

Priya was working for Lachlan and Belle when Lachlan’s rage got the better of him and he attempted to kill client Freddy with a rock. However, Priya was right behind him.

Although she didn’t realise Lachlan had intended to kill Freddy, she thought he was going to sexually assault her. Priya quit.

She began working for Joe Tate who had just purchased Home Farm. She pitched an idea to use the old glamping site – where Lachlan had held Rebecca hostage.

Priya quickly discovered some writing reading: ‘Lachlan is a killer’ carved into the wall. Lachlan burned down the hut, hoping Priya was inside, but she survived.

Lachlan grabs Belle and puts his hand over her mouth as she struggles
Belle was left mentally scarred by Lachlan White in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

What did Lachlan White do to Belle in Emmerdale?

As all this was going on in Lachlan’s life he was making a go of a relationship with Belle Dingle. She stood by him when Priya accused him of wanting to sexually assault her.

When it looked like conman Terry (aka Paul Tozer) was about to be discovered, Lachlan tried to move the body, but was caught by Sam Dingle. Lachlan beat him almost to death and Belle caught him out.

With the scales falling from her eyes, she was terrified as Lachlan begged her to leave with him. Robert Sugden tried to save her, but was knocked unconscious during their fight.

Lachlan broke into a flat he’d been planning to buy and kept Belle captive. Belle tried to play him, going along with his escape plan and lying she was pregnant with his baby to soften him.

Belle managed to get into the car and lock the doors, but then the car died! She bashed the door into Lachlan’s injured leg and ran off. After a chase, Belle was hit by Robert’s car and furious Lachlan accused him of doing it on purpose.

But it was all over for Lachlan when armed officers arrived and arrested him. When they refused to let him see Belle, he enlisted his dad to get revenge on the Dingles. He started terrorising the family on Lachlan’s behalf.

However, eventually Donny turned informant and wore a wire to get his son sent down.

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