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Ben Shephard on why he’s not ‘ruled out’ cosmetic surgery after adjusting ‘bits and bobs’

Explained back in 2015 he'd already has his teeth 'sorted'

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Ben Shephard suffered a painful leg injury in 2021 after rupturing his ACL that forced him to undergo surgery.

And even though he’s blessed with dazzling looks, it seems the 49-year-old has previously indicated he wouldn’t necessarily be against a different kind of op – for his appearance – too.

Talking to the Mirror back in 2015, Ben – who had just turned 40 at the time – suggested he wouldn’t “rule out” taking action himself as he details how his dad had undergone an eyelid lift.

Ben Shephard has presented Tipping Point since 2012 and Tipping Point: Lucky Stars since 2013
Ben Shephard has presented Tipping Point since 2012 and Tipping Point: Lucky Stars since 2013 (Credit: YouTube)

Would Ben Shephard undergo surgery?

ITV favourite Ben – who hosts Tipping Point weekdays at 5pm – acknowledged in his tabloid chat that looks are important in his line of work.

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But, at the time, he didn’t rule out possible intervention in the future.

He insisted he hoped he’d ‘grow old gracefully’. However, Ben also noted his father – in his early seventies when the interview was conducted – had an op and indicated he felt it was an improvement.

Ben admitted to having ‘bits and bobs adjusted along the way’ (Credit: YouTube)

‘You want to look your best on TV’

Ben went on to suggest: “I wouldn’t rule out doing something. I’ve sorted out my teeth now, which my wife had gone on about for years. My wisdom teeth were all smashed up. So I have adjusted bits and bobs along the way.”

I wouldn’t rule out doing something.

Reflecting on the circumstances of having his face beamed directly into viewers’ homes, he continued: “You want to look your best on TV and, fortunately, we have a wonderful team in make-up who can almost reconstruct your face.

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“They squirt some kind of acid in my eyes to make me look awake. I think make-up is something that women have kept a secret for too long!”

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