Greta Scacchi in Darby and Joan

Greta Scacchi stars as Joan in Acorn TV’s Darby and Joan drama

The actress was a pin-up in her earlier career

Acorn TV drama Darby and Joan has landed a top name in Greta Scacchi.

But where do you recognise the beautiful actress from?

Here’s a reminder of her career – and an insight into her new role as Joan.

Who is Joan in Darby and Joan?

Greta Scacchi plays one of the leads on the Acorn TV show, starring as Joan Kirkhope.

Bright, warm, witty and determined, Joan Kirkhope does not like listening to orders.

English Joan became a nurse, at a time when nurses learnt on the job.

When she met and fell in love with ex-pat Australian geology student Ian, she gave up her previous protesting streak as he seemingly had no interest in politics.

He also had no interest in returning to Australia and, after they had their daughter Rebecca and their lives got busier, Joan never questioned Ian about why that was.

With Ian so often away at geology conferences and field trips, Joan didn’t pay much attention to Ian’s plans to go prospecting in Spain…

Huge shock

Until she received a life-changing call from the authorities: Ian had died – in far-off Australia.

The circumstances of Ian’s death, the mystery and betrayal, began to consume Joan. She needed answers.

And this is how we meet her in Darby and Joan.

Joan flies to Australia, hires the biggest motorhome she can find, and sets off in search of Ian’s secrets.

And then Jack Darby appears on that outback road.

She doesn’t know it yet, but he will be the key to finding the answers she seeks.

Greta says this about her character: “I hope that audiences of a certain age, of Bryan’s and my generation, will chuckle and enjoy the recognition of how we are, 20-year-olds who just happened to have been 20 for four or five decades.

“And I hope possibly younger audiences might also notice that we might look older, but we’re still 20-year-olds who’ve just been around for a few more decades.”

Greta Scacchi as Joan in Darby and Joan. She looks stressed with her hands on her head.
Greta Scaachi appears as Joan in Darby and Joan (Credit: Acorn TV)

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Where is Greta Scacchi from and how old is she?

Greta Scacchi was born in Milan, Italy. When her parents divorced when she was four, she moved with her mother and siblings to England.

In 1975, after her mother remarried, the family relocated to Perth, Australia, where she began acting in theatre in high school.

She is a dual citizen of Italy and Australia.

The actress returned to England to study at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where her contemporaries included Amanda Redman.

She was born on February 18, 1960, making her 62 years old.

What has else Greta Scacchi from Darby and Joan been in?

Greta Scacchi has had a long career across stage, television and film.

Her popular West End credits include roles in The Entertainer, Bette & Joan, Deep Blue Sea and Uncle Vanya, and The Glass Menagerie.

Greta has been the recipient of numerous acting awards, including an Emmy for her portrayal of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna of Russia in the HBO film Rasputin. She received a nomination for a Golden Globe for the same role.

She earned a BAFTA nomination for Best Newcomer to Film for her performance in the British film Heat and Dust.

In 2007, she received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie for Broken Trail.

Also, she’s known for playing Mrs Weston in the 1996 movie Emma, starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

Greta was also recently in AMC’s series The Terror, the hit series Versailles and the BBC production of War and Peace as Countess Natalya Rostova.

Her other television credits include Poirot, Miss Austen Regrets and Miss Marple.

Finally, in 2019 Greta was seen in the film Waiting for the Barbarians alongside Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson.

Greta Scacchi with co-star Bryan Brown in Darby and Joan
Greta Scacchi with co-star Bryan Brown in Darby and Joan (Credit: Acorn TV)

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Is Greta Scacchi married?

She had a four-year relationship with American Law and Order actor Vincent D’Onofrio, with whom she has a daughter, actress Leila George.

Leila was previously married to Sean Penn.

In 1997, Scacchi began a relationship with her first cousin, Carlo Mantegazza. They have a son, Matteo, and are still a couple.

Greta told the Daily Mail: “We were hounded by the media and a lot of nasty stuff has been written about me as a result.”

“But we’ve weathered the storm and are still together.”

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What is Darby and Joan actress Greta Scacchi in next?

Greta Scacchi is next set to star in the horror film Run Rabbit Run alongside Succession actress Sarah Snook.

It’s about a fertility doctor who believes firmly in life and death but, after noticing the strange behaviour of her young daughter, must challenge her own values and confront a ghost from her past.

Look out for that later this year.

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Darby and Joan starts on Monday August 8, 2022 on Acorn TV, and continues with two episodes weekly until August 29.

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