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Abuse accusations and public family rows: Every single scandal the Radfords have been embroiled in

Britain's biggest family has had its fair share of beef!

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The Radford family has been on our TVs since 2012.

With a family that big, there have been plenty of public rows and scandal over the last 11 years. Here’s every single scandal the enormous family has been embroiled in over the years…

Milie Radford
Millie hit out at her mum (Credit: YouTube)

Millie Radford slams mum Sue

Last year, Sue’s daughter, Millie, hit out at her mum for “making money” off her grandkids.

The feud erupted when Sue surprised three of their grandchildren that they would be taking them to Disneyland.

Mum-of-three Millie wasn’t happy that her kids weren’t joining their grandparents on the holiday.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “Cute? You’ve made money from all your grandchildren. But choose your favourites. Said my piece,” Millie allegedly wrote.

“I recall my kids being in the whole 22 Kids and Counting. Not a single sight viewing of the rest in there, bare one episode,” she then added.

Sue Radford on Loose Women
Sue has hit out at her daughter’s boyfriend (Credit: ITV)

Sue accuses Millie’s boyfriend of being ‘abusive’

Following the holiday, Sue allegedly explained on Facebook why she hadn’t taken Millie’s kids with her.

“I refused to take Millie and her abusive boyfriend.

“I mean who in their right mind would take someone like that,” she is believed to have written.

However, she hasn’t expanded on this accusation.

Sue and Noel Radford on holiday in 22 kids and counting
Sue and Noel went on holiday (Credit: Channel 5)

Sue and Noel slammed for going on holiday after moaning about cost-of-living crisis

The Radford family came under scrutiny last year when they were slammed for jetting off on holiday…after complaining about their rising energy bills.

They holidayed in the Maldives in October 2022, however, their trip abroad wasn’t shown on TV until February 2023.

“We’ve worked really hard, haven’t we? Not just with the work, and family life, but we’ve had to work on our marriage as well, haven’t we,” Sue said at the time.

Viewers, however, weren’t impressed. “Last week they were making a cup of tea with water from the iron, this week they’re planning their holiday to the Maldives. What am I missing,” one viewer fumed.

Sue Radford
Sue hit back at accusations she didn’t pay for the holiday (Credit: YouTube)

Sue Radford hits back at claims she didn’t pay for Florida holiday

Following the Radford family trip to Disney World in Florida, fans accused them of not paying for the holiday.

However, Sue was quick to shut them down during an Instagram live.

“For sure you ain’t paid!” one fan wrote. “Definitely not no, we paid for the whole trip,” she replied.

“Was any part of the holiday gifted?” another asked. “No we paid for our holiday,” she snapped back.

Noel and Sue Radford
Noel and Sue have been forced to defend themselves a lot (Credit: The Radfords / YouTube)

Sue and Noel deny claims they claim benefits

Sue and Noel have been forced to deny claims that they claim benefits in the past. The couple runs a bakery, which they say helps fund their big family.

“What are the most common misconceptions people have about your family?” one fan asked in an Instagram Q&A.

“I think it’s just that you know or you don’t possibly you can’t possibly pay for all of those children,” Sue said.

“I think that people don’t kind of realise that we don’t just have the bakery we have like obviously we have YouTube and the TV program and there’s all different kinds you know it’s not just one income there,” she then continued.

Radford Family scandals: Sue’s teen pregnancy

The couple got together in school, with Sue falling pregnant with their first child when she was aged just 13. Noel was 18.

Fans of the show were reminded of the under-age pregnancy in a recent episode of the show and called for Noel to be locked up.

He has spoken out about the scandal, though.

“What happened back then has obviously been brought up again in recent years, after we became known by going on television. People have inevitably talked about the situation and it has been written about in the newspapers and discussed on social media.

“There has been a lot of focus on it and, in a way, it was probably worse for us than when it actually happened. So many people have given their opinions. But we were both kids – it was not as if I was 10 or 15 years older than Sue.

“For a lot of people, though, things are just black and white and you are tarnished with the same brush as other people in totally different situations. We were young and we were daft. But we wanted to continue as a couple.”

‘There weren’t any repercussions’

Noel added that he was in any trouble with the authorities over Sue’s pregnancy, admitting he thinks it was because no one reported it. He added that also, back then, it was “all down to your mums and dads and what they thought”.

He added: “There was no knock on the door saying I was in big trouble. I think someone, somewhere may have had to report it, the doctor maybe, but there weren’t any repercussions.”

Addressing the comments from viewers, Noel hit back in the couple’s recent book. He wrote: “Some of the comments from people were brutal – that I should have been arrested and things like that.  Even though I was just 17 – still a kid, including in the eyes of the law. But it doesn’t bother me. People will say what they like. I don’t care what they say.”

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