Stacey Solomon smiling beside Joe Swash with shocked expression wearing hat on Sort Your Life Out comp

Stacey Solomon shares plans to expand family with husband Joe Swash: ‘This’ll be us in 20 years’

Can Pickle Cottage expect more new arrivals?

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have dropped a major hint that they are planning to add to their family. The loved-up pair, who have six children between them already, are considering adding more to their growing brood.

Stacey and Joe shared their thoughts during the final episode of Sort Your Life Out last night (April 2), where they chatted with parents Shirley and Martin.

Shirley and Martin opened up about adopting their two daughters Katherine and Sarah and admitted they also had plans to foster, now the girls had flown the nest.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash on plans for more children

It comes as no surprise that Stacey and Joe might consider adding to their family by fostering or adopting children, as Joe grew up in a home where his mum, Kiffy, fostered children.

When discussing the topic during the TV show, Stacey said: “It’s such an incredible thing to do. Joe grew up in a home where his mum fostered and Joe’s always said when our kids grow up and move out, that’s what he wants to do, so I get it.”

Joe asked Stacey about Shirley and Martin: “Is this the family you were telling me about who want to foster?”

This’ll be us in 20 years if you get what you want.

To which Stacey replied: “This’ll be us in 20 years if you get what you want,” and Joe shot back: “It will be.”

Stacey with her children Rose and Rex painting on Sort Your Life Out
Stacey and Joe have hinted at having more children (Credit: BBC / Sort Your Life Out)

Joe Swash sheds light on fostering

Joe has previously explored the British care system and spoken about having two foster siblings, in his BBC documentary: Teens In Care.

He said in the programme: “My mum Kiffy has been a foster carer for the last 15 years. I’ve seen the difference that she’s made to these young people’s lives.”

Joe has also hinted at the possibility of fostering with Stacey in the future. He said: “It’s something that Stacey and I have talked about. It’s something we’ll always consider.

“When our kids get older and the last ones are at secondary school, maybe then we’ll try to foster ourselves.”

Joe Swash with baby Belle as he visited Stacey Solomon on the Sort Your Life Out set
Joe swung by with Belle, Rose, Rex and Zach to visit Stacey (Credit: BBC / Sort Your Life Out)

The former EastEnders star previously admitted to OK! that having children is “addictive”.

He explained: “The baby bit goes so fast, and then before you know it, they’re toddlers – then you yearn for babies again.

“We’re slightly addicted to babies – it’s so nice to be needed. You think, ‘Six has to be it,’ but I’d never say never.”

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