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From Strictly final ‘ban’ to ‘inappropriate presents’ – inside Jackiey Budden’s ‘feud’ with Jeff Brazier

Said not have spoken for a long time

Amid reports Strictly final star Bobby Brazier  has‘banned’ his nan Jackiey Budden from watching him perform in the studio audience, what are the origins of her ‘feud’ with Bobby’s dad Jeff Brazier?

According to MailOnline, Jackiey – mother of late Big Brother contestant Jade Goody, Bobby’s mum – “has not had an invitation to the BBC studios” to watch tonight’s series finale “despite attempts to make peace” with Jeff.

It is also claimed Jeff, 44, doesn’t want Jackiey in attendance “after a bitter row broke out between them some years ago”.

Jeff Brazier at Strictly
Jeff Brazier and Bobby’s brother Freddie have supported him at Strictly shows (Credit: BBC)

Bobby’s nan won’t attend Strictly final

A source linked to Jeff by the tabloid website is said to have said: “It’s non-negotiable, Jackiey isn’t going to Strictly.

Jeff thinks Jackiey is a bad influence on the boys.

“He thinks Jackiey is a bad influence on the boys and wants Bobby to be able to concentrate on Strictly without the worry that his outlandish nan will create a fuss while he’s live on television.”

Meanwhile, MailOnline puts 66-year-old Jackiey’s side forward via a reported friend who claims: “She is desperately heartbroken. While she recognises that she is not the most conventional grandmother, she loves those boys and has been there for them since the day they were born.”

Bobby Brazier smiles
Bobby Brazier takes part in the Strictly 2023 final tonight (Credit: BBC)

Why is there a ‘rift’ between Strictly Bobby’s nan and dad?

It is claimed there are several reasons why Jackiey and Jeff may not see eye-to-eye.

Jeff and Jade were together for about two years. They welcomed Bobby and younger son Freddie into the world in 2003 and 2004 respectively.

Jade passed away due to cervical cancer in 2009, having married Jack Tweed shortly before her death.

Jade Goody looks at the camera
An ill Jade Goody the day after her wedding (Credit:

MailOnline reports Jackiey cared for Bobby and Freddie while they were babies, and also as Jade declined.

And it is also claimed Jackiey promised Jade she would always be there for her sons.

But the tabloid article also claims Jeff reportedly took a dim view of Jackiey remaining close to Jade’s widower Jack.

‘Inappropriate presents’

It is also reported he was not happy about inappropriate presents bought for the boys, including phones and a hamster.

Furthermore, Jeff is said to be concerned about Jackiey smoking around his sons.

Bobby is believed to have resumed a relationship with his nan after speaking about being in contact with her in a 2021 Instagram video. And in 2022, he and Jackiey took part in a charity walk together.

But MailOnline indicates Jackiey and Jeff haven’t spoken for a long time. Could victory for Bobby tonight bring them back together in celebration?

‘Bobby doesn’t need that stress on his head’

Earlier this month Jackiey hit out at Jeff. She said she was a “very proud nan” while adding that it’s “wonderful” to see Bobby doing so well on Strictly.

However, she added: “When I came out for the NTA Awards, I’m loud and it’s the drink and someone went ‘Oh I bet you’re proud’ and ‘How do you get on with Jeff Brazier’ and I said ‘he’s a [bleep]’.” She then added he’s been a “[bleep] for [bleeping] nine years”.

“Next minute I’m on the internet and all over the papers. As I came out of the O2, someone overheard me say it, so they sold the story,” she continued.

She was then asked if she said the comment to which she confessed: “Of course I said it. I haven’t got a problem with [calling him that]. He’s been a [bleep] for [bleeping] nine years. Bobby doesn’t need that stress on his head. He’s my grandson.”

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ED! has contacted Jeff and Bobby for comment.

The Strictly Come Dancing 2023 final is tonight Saturday, December 16, from 7pm on BBC One.

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