7 reasons why The Traitors queen Claudia Winkleman is the most iconic TV presenter of our time

A national treasure!

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Holly Willoughby? Alison Hammond? Joel Dommett? You can keep ’em! The Traitors host Claudia Winkleman is the most iconic TV presenter of our time.

Quirky, quick-witted and not afraid to rock a fringe, since shooting to fame in the 1990s, the presenter has become somewhat of a TV icon – and she’s definitely kept herself busy.

From fronting Strictly Come Dancing to even bagging a BAFTA, Claudia has become a firm favourite with viewers all over. But her status as a true telly legend was cemented even more when she started hosting BBC’s smash hit Traitors – with the second series wrapping up this Friday (January 26).

And while the likes of Holly, Joel and Alison are the go-to presenter for any kind of show nowadays, it’s about time we give good old Claude her credit.

Here’s seven reasons why Claudia Winkleman is the most iconic TV presenter of our time.

Claudia Winkleman on the Traitors
She’s a fashionista! Claudia Winkleman rocks a lot of iconic knitwear on The Traitors (Credit: BBC)

1 The Traitors host Claudia Winkleman has impeccable fashion sense

Fashion icon? We think so!

Claudia has been serving look after look for decades. But it’s her latest ensembles in The Traitors series 2 that has sent the internet into meltdown. We’re talking country-style couture, including snug jumpers, smart blazers, plenty of knitwear and, of course, the iconic red gloves.

Not forgetting her endless (seriously how many does she have?!) collection of lush winter coats. Move over Michelle Keegan, Claude’s coming for your Very range babe!

Claudia Winkleman posing
Claudia is super down-to-earth (Credit: Splash News)

2 She’s incredibly down-to-earth and loves a kebab

Proving she really does have it all, Claudia is happily married to film producer Kris Thykier. The pair tied the knot in 2000 and share three children – Jake, 20, Matilda, 17, and Arthur, 12.

The family of five live in London – which works in Claudia’s favour whenever she fancies a kebab (for us that’s every night NGL).

Speaking about living in the capital she previously told the Evening Standard: “I can leave my house at 4am and buy a kebab, rent a movie and get some shampoo. I love my shower, my bread bin and our tortoise, Yoshi.”

This woman is pretty much winning at life.

Claudia Winkleman posing
Claud is famous for her fringe (Credit: Splash News)

3 Her iconic fringe

Famous for her infectious personality and presenting style, Claudia’s iconic fringe has also got plenty of people talking over the years.

Along with her fake tan and eyeliner, her hairstyle has been the subject of plenty of memes and it helped sell a ton of shampoo (she’s a Head & Shoulders ambassador – which just makes *so* much sense).

I don’t even know what’s under there, squirrels? Bowls of cereal? I’ve got absolutely no idea.

And despite the fringe receiving complaints from angry viewers (yes really!) she has vowed to never get rid of it – go on Claude!

When asked if she would switch things up and get rid of the fringe she said: “No never. I can’t, I don’t even know what’s under there, squirrels? Bowls of cereal? I’ve got absolutely no idea.”

Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly smiling
Tess and Claudia are the perfect double act (Credit: Shutterstock)

4 Her co-stars love her just as much as us!

It’s not just us that thinks Claudia is fab. Take it from her Strictly co-stars too!

Tess Daly, who has worked with Claudia since 2014, once said: “It’s just lovely spending time together because she is my mate.”

Speaking on Lorraine, she gushed: “We have worked together now for over a decade – I’ve known her for 20 years almost since she was pushing her eldest, Jake, in a pram. That’s how we met and she’s fantastic, yeah.”

Italian dancer Giovanni Pernice recently gushed over Claudia Winkleman on The One Show, admitting he’s “obsessed” with her hosting The Traitors.

Claudia Winkleman smiling
Claudia’s honestly is what makes us love her (Credit: Splash News)

5 We love Claudia Winkleman for her sheer IDGAF honesty

Claudia is no stranger to making a candid confession – no matter how grim.

During her BBC Radio 2 show, with news reporter Sally Boazman, the pair got onto the subject of washing bed linen. When Sally said she washed hers once every three days, Claudia replied: “Quite a lot of work. Once a week is absolutely fine.”

Honestly same Claude, same.

But then she joked that she has “little animals and bugs” nestling in her pillows, adding: “They’ve got to live somewhere.” Claudia even admitted that she “welcomes all” small creatures and once got “bugs in her eyes” from her pillow.

And when a horrified Sally asked if Claudia ever washes her pillow, Claudia dropped quite the bombshell. She joked: “What do you mean, the actual pillows? No, how do you do that?”

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6 Her singing outbursts on Strictly

Not everyone is blessed with top-notch presenting skills, an iconic fringe *and* amazing vocal chops. But that hasn’t stopped Claude from bursting out into song over the years.

On Strictly, she’s not been afraid to show off her somewhat below average set of pipes. In last year’s series, she treated some of the contestants to sudden outbursts of song – with the famous faces not knowing where to look.

Kinda reminds us of ourselves after two bevvies tbh…

Claudia Winkleman and her husband posing
Claudia is happily married to Kris (Credit: Shutterstock)

7 The Traitors host Claudia Winkleman is honest about her relationship

Relationships aren’t always sex sex sex. Despite what film and telly shows us, you don’t have to be at it like rabbits every day.

Even Claude has spoken out about how she puts “too much pressure on herself” to get intimate with beau Kris. She joked to The Sun back in October: “I think we put way too much pressure on ourselves – I haven’t had sex with my husband for two days, let’s do it on the stairs.”

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