Maria Connor’s turbulent times and unexpected kiss on Coronation Street

The hairdresser has hardly had much luck with men!

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Maria Connor is having a rather bad time of it at the moment on Coronation Street.

Her relationships are breaking down, she slept with Aidan behind Eva’s back and has been terrorised by a burglar.

This is not to mention the nuisance calls that are making her look over her shoulder.

So, it comes as a shock for Samia Ghadie’s character when her lodger Caz moves in for a kiss.

Pucker up… (ITV)

Caz, played by Rhea Bailey, has fallen for Maria in a big way and has been making the mysterious phone calls in the hope that Maria will keep her in the house, as protection if nothing else.

When Maria tells Caz that Aidan has got her an interview for a job, Caz plants a smacker on Maria’s lips.

There’s an awkward silence and, while Maria doesn’t recoil in horror, she is confused by the situation.

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At the salon, Maria then confides to Audrey about the encounter and they joke about her being targeted by gay people.

Of course, being Corrie, Caz is in ear shot and hears everything. She is not happy!

Let’s hug it out (ITV)

Feeling upset by Maria’s ‘betrayal’, Caz tells her the job was based in Newcastle, so she’s declined it – and then takes off.

Maria then feels worried that Caz has disappeared and goes searching for her.

When she finds Caz in a hostel, she insists that the awkward kiss is behind them and that she should move back in with Maria.

Of course, this is playing straight in to Caz’s hands and she wants to repay Maria’s ‘loyalty’.

I only have eyes for you (ITV)

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Speaking to The Sun about the storyline, Corrie’s producer Kate Oates said: “There’s a crisis in Maria’s life in the form of Caz, who is fairly complicated.

“She brings those complications to Maria’s life in quite a dramatic and tense fashion.

“That storyline is about testing Maria and putting her in jeopardy.”

The scenes are set to air on the ITV soap on Monday 12th September.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor