Alyssa Milano’s parents move in every weekend to look after her kids

Actress reveals it keeps her marriage alive

Alyssa Milano reveals how her parents move into her home every weekend to look after her kids.

In an arrangement most of us would kill for, the Charmed star tells how her and hubby David Bugliari are free to do whatever they like every weekend, thanks to her generous mom and dad.

“My parents come stay with us so we have help with the babies,” the mother of Milo, 5, and Elizabella, 2, told Us Weekly.

“They understand the importance of actually spending time with your spouse.

“It’s what’s kept their 50-year marriage.”

The 43-year-old, who wed talent agent Bugliari in 2009, believes alone time is vital for couples with kids.

“You have to be able to still connect on a human level and not just a parental level,” Milano said.

“I’ve watched a lot of my friends struggle with their marriage and I think it’s because they’ve lost that adult connection.

“You gotta make time for that.”

And it doesn’t have to involve a romantic dinner.

“David and I can honestly make a date out of going to Target to do back-to-school shopping,” Milano said.

“We love to be together and we have fun no matter what we do.”

Just as important is spending one-on-one time with each child.

“Elizabella has a mommy-and-me ballet class that we go to,” says the actress.

“With Milo, I’m the bench coach for his baseball team. He loves it. I was his bench coach last year, and I said, ‘Do you want me to do this again?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, mom, you have to!’”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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