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Every single sly jibe Amanda Holden and Sharon Osbourne have thrown at each other amid ‘feud’

It all began during Sharon's stint on Celebrity Big Brother

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Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden and former X Factor star Sharon Osbourne have been embroiled in a “feud” recently.

Here’s every sly jibe and comment both stars have thrown at each other…

Sharon Osbourne speaking on Celebrity Big Brother
Sharon slammed Simon (Credit: ITV)

Sharon Osbourne slams Simon Cowell

Back in March, Sharon and Louis Walsh were together on Celebrity Big Brother.

During the show, Louis and Sharon became known for their chats in which they slammed various celebrities.

At one point, Sharon slammed Simon Cowell. They had fallen out after Simon had dropped her from The X Factor USA, meaning she missed out on being a judge on The Masked Singer US.

During the conversation with Louis, Sharon also took aim at the fact that Simon had been “wearing the same thing for almost three decades”.

When asked if she’d work with Simon again, she said she wouldn’t “all the money in the world”. She also said Simon “doesn’t know how to keep friends”.

Amanda Holden wearing a suit while walking
Amanda took a dig at Sharon (Credit:

Amanda Holden brands Sharon Osbourne

A month later, during an interview with the MailOnline, Amanda took aim at Sharon.

“I hated seeing certain people in a reality show dissing Simon – he’s the person who’s given them all the chances, given them a lot of money and a lifestyle they probably wouldn’t have had,” she said.

“It’s bitter and pathetic. It was like Cinderella with her two sisters in the background – just stabby, stabby, stabby.”

This didn’t go down well with Sharon.

Sharon Osbourne doing a peace sign
Sharon didn’t hold back (Credit:

Sharon hits back

Taking to social media, Sharon penned an open letter to Amanda, slamming her over her comments during the interview.

“Amanda, I am responding to your interview with the Daily Mail on April 12th. I respect the fact that you feel the need to defend your good friend and employer, Simon Cowell, who is also your husband’s employer, or so I’ve read. However, a couple of your statements regarding myself are factually incorrect,” she wrote.

“The truth is, you don’t know me, Amanda or any of my close friends. You know nothing about my family history in the music industry, my achievements, the artists I have worked with, the shows that I’ve produced and my global celebrity,” she then continued.

“Unlike you, the brand of Sharon Osbourne is known worldwide. There are many countries that I could work in if I choose to, however, I don’t have the ambition or time to do so.”

Sharon Osbourne on This Morning
Sharon didn’t hold back (Credit: ITV)

Sharon’s scathing attack on Amanda

Sharon’s brutal slamming of Amanda didn’t end there though.

The TV star then went on to discuss her mansion in LA and her country estate in England.

“The truth is, my money and success were not due to doing a couple of Simon Cowell talent shows,” she wrote. “Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed doing them at the time as they were great fun. Yes, Simon paid me very well. Probably more than what you’re receiving today, but all of that my darling went on a few handbags,” she said.

Sharon then went on to list her achievements, before saying: “No disrespect to Simon Cowell, but he NEEDED ME for musical credibility on X-Factor.”

She then went on to say that husband Ozzy “has given me more than any man could”, and that was all before she’d met Simon.

Sharon then warned Amanda not to “make comments about my lifestyle given to me by Simon Cowell” as it makes her look like an “ill informed sycophantic”.

Amanda Holden looking shocked
Amanda has yet to respond (Credit: BBC)

Amanda ‘stands by’ her remarks

Simon has since weighed in on Sharon’s remarks, saying that he is still good friends with Sharon and Louis.

“If you put Sharon and Louis in the house, that’s what you pay them for, they’re going to be controversial,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“I still consider Sharon and Louis really good friends, we could pick up the phone to each other tomorrow. I think that’s probably one of the things they’re upset about, because they can never get hold of me,” he then said.

Meanwhile, Amanda has yet to respond to Sharon’s comments. However, according to a source, she still stands by what she said.

“Amanda is aware of Sharon’s incredible career but, just like her, Amanda will always defend those close to her,” they told the MailOnline.

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