Ex on the Beach star Jemma Lucy takes down Helen Wood after she labels her “a f***y on legs”

It all got very messy, very quickly

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Two of the most outspoken reality TV stars to have graced our screens have gone head-to-head in a vicious Twitter spat.

Former Big Brother winner, Helen Wood, who had her prostitute past exposed in the press, took aim at Ex on the Beach star Jemma Lucy.

Writing in her column in the Daily Star, Helen was as cutting as ever as she labelled Jemma a “f***y on legs”.

Helen was ranting about the banality of Ex on the Beach… forgetting that she came to prominence in Big Brother!

She said that the MTV show “represents pretty much everything” she hates about women and that Jemma was the worse culprit.

Naturally, the fiery Jemma was not going to take that lying down as she embroiled herself in a Twitter argument with Helen.

Helen had written: “This programme represents pretty much everything je deteste in females

“Sly, no personality, just basically a f***y on legs with a 6 out of 10 for a face.

“That 6 didn’t include Jemma Lucy, she is one dog, she needs a kennel, not a beach.

“I’ve never slated this girl before, in fact I spoke recently about how I don’t know her and I’m sure she’s really nice.

“Hmmm… take that all back, let’s Tippex that out, she’s absolutely disgusting.”

She added: “Get the worst vibes from her when watching her on telly, I think because I’ve seen her sniffing around Charlotte I automatically feel protective.

“Also, she’s a boyfriend shagger.

“This is a pretty corrupt way of thinking, but I always look at a newbie and think hmm, could I trust her around my man if I had one?”

You can feel the red mist descending upon Jemma as you read it but Helen wasn’t finished there.

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She conrinued: “I can see those eyes rolling and the ‘coming from an ex hooker’ comments rolling in

“But that slab of meat gets kicks out of f****** her boyfriend’s mates, who aren’t mates to begin with but we’ll move on to that next.

“Then she has the nerve to kick off about other girls, threatening them – is there anyone at home you thick bint?”

Well, of course, the battle lines had been drawn and Twitter was about to turn blue with foul language as the pair slugged it out.

Jemma started with a low blow and they went downhill from there.

Counteracting the claim that she was a ‘boyfriend sh*gger’, Jemma pointed out that Helen “f***ed bare people’s husbands”.

Helen thought she would get literal with the words that she had written…

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This started the long goodbye as the gobby pair tried to end the argument with the final comment…

It is safe to say that they won’t be besties anytime soon.

If any Big Brother producers are reading, then these two need to be in the next celebrity version of the show.

Of course, once all sharp instruments and blunt objects have been removed!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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