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Jeff Brazier explains sons Bobby and Freddie ‘fell into despair’ after losing mum Jade Goody

Jade died in 2009

Jeff Brazier opened up about the death of Jade Goody – the mother of his two sons, Bobby and Freddie Brazier.

The 45-year-old discussed his ex’s passing during a new interview…

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Jeff Brazier on impact of Jade’s death on Bobby and Freddie

Between 2002 and 2004, Jeff was in a relationship with Big Brother star Jade Goody.

Together, they welcomed two children – Strictly star Bobby and his younger brother, Freddie.

In 2009, following a battle with cervical cancer, Jade sadly passed away at the age of 27.

Now, in a new interview with The Times, Jeff has opened up on the impact Jade’s death had on their two sons.

“My sons had lost their mother and I wanted to ease their pain. They had been living with me in Essex during Jade’s illness, so they were used to that. The first six months weren’t too bad, but then I watched Bobby and Freddie fall into despair. I felt helpless. Nothing I could do would make up for them losing the most important person in their lives,” he said.

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Bobby and Freddie Brazier ‘fell into despair’ following Jade Goody’s death, Jeff says

The TV presenter then continued.

“Bobby was a joy up until 15 or 16, then he became a nightmare. A lot went on that I will never reveal — so many meetings at the school. The phone would ring and I’d think, ‘Oh, God, what’s he been up to now?’ As soon as he left school, I noticed a different Bobby. It coincided with lockdown, so I was able to watch him at close quarters,” he said.

Jeff has previously confessed he was “devastated” by his ex’s passing.

In 2019, he said it was “insanely unfair” that his sons were “robbed of someone that was such an incredible mum”.

Jeff Brazier on Loose Women
Jeff spoke of being a young father (Credit: ITV)

Jeff Brazier on family ‘stigma’

Last week, Jeff addressed the ‘stigma’ surrounding young fathers.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: “Is it right that there is a stigma around young fathers & the value they bring to a child’s life? Are they almost seen in separation as ‘surplus to requirement’ in today’s society?”

He then continued, writing: “I felt like I was portrayed that way in the media, like the spare part, of little value. Maybe just my perception, but to our children we’re priceless until proven otherwise. I’ll never forget the odd comments I used to get 20 years ago when I was with my boys: ‘Ooh you’re good?’ Really, for being with my children? I couldn’t think of anything more natural.”

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