Jennifer Aniston: ‘That’s karma for you’

Reports claim this was actress’s reaction to ex-husband Brad Pitt’s split from Angelina Jolie

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With the world awash with news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce, there was one person that all eyes were on for their reaction.

Almost immediately, Jennifer Aniston was trending on Twitter as we waited to hear what she had to say about her ex Brad.

Jen and Brad had been Hollywood’s golden couple but their marriage broke down shortly after he met Angelina on the set of the movie Mr & Mrs Smith.

This was in 2005 and it split fans of the couple in to two camps – Team Jen and Team Angelina.

While it has seemed that Team Angelina may have won the day, it turns out that it’s Jen’s supporters that are feeling chirpy now.

Reportedly, they are not the only ones that think that this divorce couldn’t have happened to a better couple.

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According to Us Weekly, a source has told them that Jen, 47, said: “Yeah, that’s karma for you!”

Twitter has naturally been flooded with memes that have glorified in Jen’s reaction to the split.

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It seems that Brad and Angelina had been on a slippery slope for some time now.

They have apparently been living apart and have had several rows in recent months, allegedly over the future of their children as well as their marriage.

Angelina, 41, and Brad, 52, have been together for 12 years; they married in 2014.

They haven’t been seen together officially for almost a year and Angelina has previously admitted that she was “really worried” about their marriage.

Speaking about their last movie, which she wrote, produced and directed, Angelina admitted that the characters were very much like her and Brad.

She said: “Brad and I have our issues, but if the characters were even remotely close to our problems we couldn’t have made the film.

“To be clear: we have fights and problems like any other couple.”

She continued: “We have days when we drive each other absolutely mad and want space, but the problems in the movie aren’t our specific problems.”

She also admitted that there had been turmoil in the married life together by adding: “Brad has never seen what I’m like when he’s left me after one of our fights.”

It’s no wonder that people on social media were quick to declare it National Jennifer Aniston Day, as it seems that it will be Jen that is laughing longest at all this.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor