Katie Price admits to affair with famous married man in new autobiography

Sixth book details her fling with lover who did the deed like a cordless drill!

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After five autobiographies, weekly interviews in celeb mags and countless revelations on Loose Women, you’d think Katie Price had no more secrets left to spill.

But the entrepreneur has managed to recall enough dirt to dish in her upcoming sixth tell-all, Reborn.

And the juiciest nugget she has let slip – so far – is a fling with a married fella back in 2011.

The former model was introduced to the man, who she refers to as Mr X, by a mutual friend and was told he was single.

After exchanging texts with the taken man, Katie began seeing him at the same time as she started to date Argentinian model Leandro Penna.

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Their romance lasted for four months, until Katie discovered that he was seeing other women besides her.

“Suddenly, all trust I’d put in Mr X melted away,” she details. “If he can do that to me, I thought, maybe he isn’t divorcing his wife. Maybe he is just a player.”

Not that it ever sounded like the romance of the century – the mum-of-five would listen to him moan about the wife he was supposedly leaving, before they engaged in ‘detached’ sex.

Of the sex sessions, she writes: “Instead of handling me like a gently and passionately like most women want, he was like a cordless drill on a multi-speed setting! He reminded me of a red Bosch that I have in my garage. Bang… bang… bang, bang, bang.”

Bosch, indeed!

Furious to discover his philandering, Katie branded her lover an “arrogant t**t” in a text message, then informed him she’d also slept with one of his mates.

She later heard he’d divorced and remarried and reveals she texted his first wife about their relationship.

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“But, unlike her, I thanked my lucky stars I could close the door on Mr X,” admits the multi-millionairess. “Without any deep emotional or family ties.”

Nobody messes with The Pricey!

Kaggie Hyland